General Hospital recap for July 22: Curtis traps Esme

General Hospital recap for July 22: Curtis traps Esme

Curtis traps Esme

Updated on July 23, 2022 16:39 PM by Michael Davis

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General Hospital (GH) spoilers recap for Friday, July 22, uncovers that Curtis Ashford tracked down Oz Haggerty, the barkeep's refuge with Esme Prince inside. Austin Gatlin-Holt's supervisor likewise had homecoming orders for him, which is how all the GH activity went down.

Time of Death


At the pens, Britt Westbourne called "season of death" on her date with Cody Bell, who called her a bother and followed through on the cost when she unloaded a beverage over his head. After a visit with Comet the pony, Cody left Britt a conciliatory phone message and trusted she'd offer him the chance to make things dependent upon her.


On The Haunted Star, Linc Brown attempted to persuade Harrison Chase to allow him to be his supervisor. However, Brook Lynn Quartermaine mentioned she previously had a verbal concurrence with Chase.

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The working plan


In the repercussions, Brook Lynn and Chase were excited over their arrangement working. Linc felt he could make Chase a star and needed to be considered an administration choice alongside Brook Lynn. After Linc recommended giving them both 30 days to show off their abilities, Chase concurred.


Close by, Maxie Jones didn't have the foggiest idea why Damian Spinelli was resolved to the point that she was not a decent counterpart for Austin.

The Society Setup


Maxie was also worried over how squirrely Spinelli had been acting, so she siphoned him for data until he confessed. Spinelli conceded he was behind Society Setups and made sense of how his calculation didn't anticipate a future for Maxie and Austin.


Maxie still had confidence in her relationship. However, she appeared to be worried over Spinelli concealing his endeavor and figuring individuals wouldn't utilize it, assuming they knew the reality.

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The Mystery Guy


After Maxie offered a motivational speech, she guaranteed Spinelli that she'd entrust him with her heart assuming she was single. On the deck, Austin contended with a secret man, who cautioned that Austin expected to get back to Pautuck.


After Austin was brought up, he didn't pay all due respects to him, and the secret person terminated that Austin paid all due respects to the chief and showed him a text from her.

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Fail at Port Charles


The text said Austin's ruse in Port Charles fizzled, so the time had come to return to the crease. The secret man implied ramifications for Maxie as Britt showed up and watched the strained communication.


Spinelli continued attempting to safeguard the matchmaking application, which confounded Britt and avoided her unflinching from trying to sue them about business. Maxie thought perhaps it'd be better for Britt to have some time off from dating.

Finding Clues


At home, Curtis guaranteed Portia Robinson that he'd constantly pay special attention to Trina Robinson like his little girl. Curtis had an arrangement since he took care of the night representative at the inn Oz Haggerty the barkeep last remained in.


Since Oz abandoned a lot of stuff, Curtis needed to dig through and attempt to track down pieces of information.

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Hunt for Oz


The night assistant planned to leave the entryway opened for Curtis, yet he asked Marshall Ashford to remain behind and stay with Portia. That allowed Portia to pose inquiries connected with Marshall's schizophrenia and get some solace over Trina's preliminary.


Curtis considered what was in it for Selina, yet she brought up that he lacked the opportunity to pursue leads and chase Oz down.

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Esme found Oz's hideout


Selina could now offer the barkeep's ongoing area, so Curtis took her up on that deal. Concerning Esme, she found Oz's hideaway and brought up she no longer had a wealthy beau - nor might she at some point access her trust reserve.


Oz was disturbed since Esme couldn't buy his quietness and indicated he could give a break to sell her out. Esme changed strategies by complimenting Oz with subtleties she'd turned upward on the web.

The scene between Esme and Oz


Esme established a kiss on Oz, who indicated about taking this to the room. When Esme requested that Oz top her off first, he went to get more alcohol. Esme cleaned her mouth in disdain, yet she smiled in fulfillment minutes after the fact.


Oz returned and brought down more tequila. However, he'd been drugged and wasn't feeling ideal.

What's next?


Esme implied how baffling it was when individuals underrated her and appeared to be satisfied when Oz dropped. At the point when Curtis began thumping on the entryway, it left Esme frightened over her difficult situation.


General Hospital spoilers say Esme will battle to keep herself in the clear, yet that will get increasingly tough as this storyline moves along.


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