For a 'domestic disturbance,' police were called to Shanna Moakler's home

For a 'domestic disturbance,' police were called to Shanna Moakler's home

Updated on July 30, 2022 11:40 AM by Ava Sara

Shanna Moakler accused her husband of domestic violence

Earlier this week's announcement, Shanna's partner, Matthew Rondeau, had been accused of domestic abuse.

Moakler's daughter contacted 911 to report a "domestic disturbance," and police arrived at the San Fernando Valley residence immediately.

Rondeau was taken into custody after the February Celebrity Big Brother season finale.

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The daughter made a mistake

This time, no one was detained, according to the police, who believed  Shanna Moakler's daughter may have made a mistake. She might decide to speak about the incident later.

The police reportedly searched Moakler's home and discovered no damage, and no one appeared to be hurt. So Shanana and Matthew had no domestic issues at home but typical conflicts.

According to reports, the police also spoke with the couple, who both insisted that there had been no altercation. Shanana and Matthew never filed a complaint to the police.

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A conflict in the marriage of Shanna and Matthew

There was a conflict in Moakler's relationship with Rondeau even when she was competing on Celebrity Big Brother 3. Let alone involving police made it look huge.

While Shanna was at home, he deleted her social media posts, and after she left, he used her phone to post a video about her. Matthew is a pain for Shanana.

Despite what seems to be even more drama in their life, the pair has already split up multiple times yet keeps getting back together. Shanana and Matthew need to sort the issues.

A new Big Brother season on CBS

Big Brother's Summer 2022 season is already underway, and the BB24 cast is competing for a handsome $750,000 reward. This conflict involves a brand-new set of home guests.

A significant Big Brother blindside on the show's most recent episode changed the competition's dynamic. 

It may have a long-term effect on the game and undoubtedly increases the excitement for home viewers as Shanana had participated in the show.

Member's backstory

Angela Rockstar, a member of the BB20 cast, finally shared the backstory for the character outside the home.

You may watch all of those episodes of Celebrity Big Brother 3 with Shanna Moakler or catch up on the prior Big Brother 24 episode by visiting Paramount.

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