Fans would be surprised to learn these facts about America's Got Talent

Fans would be surprised to learn these facts about America's Got Talent

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In June 2006, AGT debuted as a competition show looking for talented Americans from various fields, such as music, dance, magic, stunts, and comedy. The contestants compete first for the opportunity to appear on the show's live episodes.

Piers Morgan, David Hasselhoff, Heidi Klum, Simon Cowell, and Heidi Klum all serve as celebrity judges.There has been much scrutiny and interest in AGT, as with many other TV reality shows, with fans wondering what happens behind the scenes.

In addition to impressing the judges watching at home, contestants must also work hard to get votes from the judges once they get through

As a reward for winning each season, the winner receives a cash prize of one million dollars and a performance on the Las Vegas Strip.AGT was created by Simon Cowell, an English television personality.

As a result of a fallout with ITV, the American series went on air first, while the British series was going to be called Paul O'Grady's Got Talent. Considering this history, reports that Simon Cowell and Mel B are members of the UK judging panel. There is a Canadian named Howie and a German named Heidi. Season five marked the debut of the first American judge.

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AGT contestants could record their acts and upload them to MySpace at one time, according to Back then, MySpace was one of the most popular social media platforms.

The show still accepts videos, but through other means, especially from contestants unable to attend live auditions. It takes a long time for a contestant who wins AGT to become a millionaire by collecting the prize money. states that the money is paid out in $25,000 installments, which translates to exactly 40 years until it is received. Alternatively, a lump-sum payment of $300,000 is available.

 AGT contestants who earned one million dollars for ventriloquism are not still thinking ventriloquism is child's play. Terry Fator was one of the winners. After moving to Vegas, Fator made $18.5 million in a year.

Mirage also signed a $100 million contract with him, according to is possible to get injured while watching AGT. A contestant was shot with a flaming arrow on the chest in one of these stunts, according to

The judges decided to cut Ryan Stock's act to prevent further injuries despite insisting he was okay. It was also agreed that a doctor would examine him.

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Golden Buzzer was introduced during season 9 of the AGT series of shows, according to Judges used it to save acts or overrule the NO of another judge. The judges have been using it to send auditioners directly to the live shows in the latest seasons.

During the audition process, however, each judge is only permitted to use the buzzer once. The show has given many young people the chance to show off their Talent, including Grace VanderWaal, 12, and another 12-year-old farmer.

Bianca Ryan was introduced to viewers in season one, who were able to learn how to sing from her. reports that Bianca was only eleven years old when she won.

Most competition shows and reality TV shows do not allow previously featured contestants or contestants who have already established their careers elsewhere to participate in another show.

An article confirms that such rules don't exist on AGT. In addition to X-Factor and Big Brother contestants, they have also welcomed some from other shows. Regardless of the format, the winner isn't just given the grand prize.

Several winners, finalists, and a few participants from various Got Talent show worldwide are featured in AGT: The Champions, a spin-off show produced by AGT producers. They are also awarded the title "America's Chosen World Champion," according to the Wikipedia article.

Having a viewership of 10 million per season, AGT is the most popular television show, according to There is no wonder that the show's concept has been adopted by over 180 countries with such success and is a platform for people to showcase their talents.

In 2007, after a disagreement with ITV, the American version of Got Talent was filmed and aired first. According to Nicki Swift, people are sometimes incorrectly led to believe that specific performances seen on stage are the contestants' choice.

Usually, the producers decide how events will unfold on the show. Eliminations are made on a time-and-date basis by them. Contestants have even changed acts by the producers to justify their expulsion.

 A investigation reveals that producers determine what material, music, routines, and acts are performed. Additionally, they allocate a budget for each contestant's performance.

must vet actions before allowing them to perform on stage or be heard to protect their money and align them with the network's standards and values. There is no difference between AGT and other TV show competitions regarding getting the best Talent in front of viewers.

Producing companies are generally responsible for scouting contestants who advance to the finals. When it comes to auditioning for these recruits, there are no lines. According to Julienne Irwin, who made it to the top 20 as a non-professional performer for season two on, this was the only time a non-professional had made it to the show.

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A site called claims that the contestants sign contracts that allow them to dictate how they will appear on the show and how the public perceives them based on their appearance of the contestants.

Some producers alter the contestants' stories to fit their narrative and have to approve what they present on the stage regarding personal stories. On, there is a talk about a book that reveals what goes on behind the scenes on America's Got Talent and describes auditions and rehearsals as highly hectic.

Contestants were allowed four hours of sleep. In one of the contestants' reports, they mentioned that they were kept in a holding area for 19 hours before they had the opportunity to rehearse. A nurse was also on hand to give contestants shots of vitamin B and K to prevent them from dehydrating while on the show.

The producers are in charge of controlling which performances are allowed on stage, as previously discussed. As many people believe, a contestant's performance on the show does not depend on what judges think about a contestant, but on what producers think! According to a writer on, contestants must impress the producers to remain on the show, not the judges.

A report on states that there is a clause in the show's contracts that states that the producers have the right to choose the winner by any means they see fit. They do not manipulate the results that come in when the votes are cast; instead, they prepare their favorite characters to make them advance as far as possible. Therefore, if they do not like any of the candidates, they have the option to kick them off.

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It also reveals that heavily edits the show to give the world what it wants. Producing the show in a different order or turn of events, as well as adding in or removing clips, is something the producers can do.

The editing process can also change some of the acts of the contestants, making them appear mocking. Several contestants have commented that elimination did not go well for them, so recommends they seek counseling before leaving the show.

The show does this for legal reasons, according to Eli Mattson, a singer appearing in season 3. Another contestant admits that the families accompanying them also suffer the loss of a loved one.

Even though some performers could not travel to participate in the live auditions, you may have found the audition requirements for seasons five to seven quite lenient. They thus had the option of submitting a taped audition through YouTube as part of the audition process.

This information was revealed on about the contestant who came second in season five of the show. Driving expenses or train or bus tickets will be reimbursed to contestants who live 150 to 300 miles from the theatre.

The contest winner who lives more than 300 miles from LA receives a plane ticket. During the audition process, contestants from outside the city are reimbursed for two nights in a hotel. Also included in the per diem are meal expenses and related expenses of $25 per night.

Except for contestants under 18, travel reimbursement only applies to the performer. The show provides a boxed lunch to contestants, although they can bring snacks. Contestants and their guardians are the only ones permitted to eat the food.

Those who plan to bring additional people will also need to bring food for them. Those not considered locals would also receive $25 toward the cost of other meals for every night of their hotel stay.

"AGT" will award the ultimate winner a staggering $1 million prize. According to Cinema Blend, the winner doesn't receive the entire amount at once. A disclaimer appears at the end of each episode, stating that the prize, one million dollars, is payable over forty years in an annuity or can be received in cash at the current date.

Despite providing incredible exposure to contestants, the hit reality show did not instantly make them wealthy. Announcing prizes depends on the eligibility requirements, which are informed to contestants before the show.

If the annuity is immediately paid out, it results in a cash value of approximately $300,000, a significant difference from the promised $1 million.

 Magic acts also appear frequently; however, ventriloquism wins the most talent contests compared to magic shows. The only winner with magic as an exceptional talent right now is Mat Franco from season 9.

Initially introduced in season 9, the Golden Buzzer was designed to help judges override one another's "no" votes to save an act. Amazing contestants are now sent directly to the live shows with the buzzer.

During the audition process, only one button can be pressed by each judge and the host. The Golden Buzzer for season 12 went to Mel B's favorite Farmer, who won the competition.

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