Fans of Little People criticize Matt Roloff for having a messy workspace

Fans of Little People criticize Matt Roloff for having a messy workspace

Updated on July 28, 2022 18:42 PM by Anthony Christian

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Fans of LITTLE PEOPLE BIG WORLD have criticized Matt Roloff for having an unorganized home office. It happens in the wake of his contentious choice to sell a portion of the family farm.

Social media fans flocked to a vintage clip from Little People season 19 that featured Matt, 60, hard at work at his office. His office looked messy and unorganized.

Matt was seated behind a disorganized desk covered in periodicals, newspapers, and even a bottle of barbecue sauce. An untidy office. The shelves behind the desk were piled high with in-mail, baseball caps, and other trinkets.

The father of the Roloff family appeared anxious as he and his son discussed a buyout offer on the family farm. Given his Untidy attitude, he is being mocked by fans of LPBW.

Fans criticized Matt for his unclean office

The state of Matt's workspace startled many admirers, who took to social media to express their outrage. Recently his family isn't getting along well with him either. Fans questioned Matt's idea of a Tidy space.

One of them questioned, "This is Matt's concept of a tidy office space?"Someone else described it as "a crowded setting."Others criticized Matt for blaming his family members in the past for being messy while his workspace was so unkempt.

It's not the first time TLC show viewers have criticized Matt for his Messy office. He has received criticism from both fans and members of his own family for his choice to sell a portion of Roloff Farms to a private buyer in May. Separation from a wife.

It followed his 2016 separation from Amy. His Messy attitude sure dint keep the marriage either. Now again, he is criticized by fans for his untidy office room.

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Amy accused Matt of "making a hornet's nest. She accused Matt of "making a hornet's nest" in last week's season finale after he failed to get a family sale for their 32-year-old twin sons Zach and Jeremy.

Zach is okay with their father's choice. Zach has made no secret of his displeasure with his father's choice to put the 16-acre land up for sale for $4 million. Zach moved away from Matt. He has moved to Washington with his wife Tori and their three children, claiming that his connection with Matt "will not be the same.

"Pumpkin Season of Roloffs.Zach also gave up working the Roloff Farms pumpkin season. He has always been in the fans' bad books, yet again, he was criticized for his messy office.

The drama for Little People viewers, however, is far from ended. Amy informed her followers last week that the TLC show's upcoming season is being filmed. Fans are losing interest because of Matt's untidy and unclean attitude, now given his messy office.

Release date of LPBW.Season 24 has not yet been given a release date, and she warned her followers that it might not happen until March or April 2019.

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