Fans give opinions about Liam Spencer from the show Bold and Beautiful

Fans give opinions about Liam Spencer from the show Bold and Beautiful

Updated on July 27, 2022 11:02 AM by Sally Harbor

Bold and Beautiful

Bold and Beautiful is a show that has been a fan favorite since its start of it back in the years. It has been a show that fans have given tremendous support for everything be it from the cast to the direction, production, storyline, etc.

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“The Bold and Beautiful” player Liam Spencer is one character from the show whose heart seems like it is in the right place, even though it often splits into two from time to time.

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Two women 

For years, the character of Liam Spencer played by Scott Clifton has gone back and forth between the two main women revolving around his life which include Steffy Forrester played by Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, and Hope Logan which is played by Annika Noelle.

All one needs is balance 

The character of Liam Spencer throughout the airing of the show has tried to find a balance between the two despite the fact that he has two separate families with both the women Steffy Forrester and Hope Logan. 

Even Scott Clifton who plays Liam Spencer’s character in the show knows for a fact that his character’s romantic balance has gotten tiresome if not also a bit annoying.

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The waffle king 

Scott Clifton in an interview back in 2020 had told that out of all the wafflers of relationships, he has won and he is the king out of them all. He also revealed that even though he plays the character of Liam on the show “Bold and Beautiful” he does not understand the character of Liam even though he has tried really really hard to understand it.

It is a part of his job but he does not get it as he is an idealist whereas Scott in real life is a pragmatist. He also mentioned that Liam’s character is naive and has flowery thinking whereas he in real life is the opposite of that.

He also added that Scott has been staying with the same woman for more than 15 years whereas Liam on the other hand cannot even stay with one for a week.

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That being said, when there are opinions about the character that the cast themselves have, how can the fans not. While it might seem like Liam Spencer is stuck in the middle between two of his women Steffy Forrester and Hope Logan, there are some fans who think that do not think that it is his fault.

Both the women of his life Steffy and Hope have long fought for the handsome Spencer heir, even when it seemed like he was committed and settled down with the other woman in his life.

Everyone’s guilty 

It's not like any of them out of three are innocent in any way as apparently, Steffy fell in love with Liam’s father Bill Spencer, and even slept with him while still being with Liam. Many fans have openly given their views on the character through comments.

One of the fans has written that they knew about Liam being a waffler and also mentioned that Hope wasn't around when Steffy slept with Bill, nor was she there when Liam made out with Sally but that didn't stop her from pursuing Liam while he was still married.

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Good qualities 

Despite the fact Liam has been here and there with women, he is a man according to fans who cannot be simply left out by women. So far he has tried to make it work, for better or for worse — no one can seem to want to dump him or get rid of him for good. One fan even wrote that Liam Spencer is the Nick Newman of ‘The Bold and Beautiful’.

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Most of the arguments regarding the show are centered around Liam Spencer judging his woman  Steffy and telling her she crossed lines. But, her scheming nature is part of what makes Steffy Forrester herself. Yet, he seemed to not accept her for who she is.


And while it's unclear when the back-and-forth between Liam, Steffy, and Hope will ever stop, one thing is for certain: despite all of his moving, Liam hasn't lost any of his sweetness.

Despite everything, he consistently finds a way to be there for his baby moms when they need him the most, as when Steffy believed her boyfriend John Finnegan had passed away.

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