Fans fight back strongly as Bold and the Beautiful threatens to take Thomas back down a tragically familiar path

Fans fight back strongly as Bold and the Beautiful threatens to take Thomas back down a tragically familiar path

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When you believe you're over someone, a phone snapshot pops up

We've all heard the old saying that if we don't learn from history, we'll keep making the same mistakes. Well, it may not be as true as we thought because both "The Bold and the Beautiful" and "Thomas" know about his past, and it looks like they're going to do it anyway!

We don't think it will go any better this time, either. "Just when you think you're over someone, your phone reminds you of a photo you took with them," the show said in an Instagram ad for Thomas.

Does it even matter what the name of this "someone" is if we know who is looking at Thomas's phone? We didn't believe that. No one needs to be asked if they think it's strange that Thomas would go back to the Hope well. We sure aren't. We just talked about that thing and what it would mean for Liam.

Don't take Thomas back to that dark place

The fans, on the other hand, seem to want to make sure that history doesn't repeat itself because they were just not having it. There were a lot of... less than enthusiastic comments. Oh, who are you joking with? Viewers hate it. We're pretty sure we heard people all over the world groaning, "Not again!"

Some people had questions, such as suz.anne777, who asked, "Why???? Is the tumor in his brain coming back?" As smariefull wrote, "Keep it together, Thomas," there was support. There was even an attempt to find a middle ground. "Let it happen on its own," ericacleaver said. "Don't take Thomas back to that dark place."

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No longer interested in the same girl

Fans may not be the only ones who are upset, for what it's worth. Matthew Atkinson recently said that he would like Thomas' obsession with Hope to be over and done with. And goddessof24 agreed with him that Ridge's son should start a new life.

She wrote, "Why do you keep doing this to Thomas? He is no longer interested in that girl. Let him find someone better than Hope to make him happy." Well, Atkinson didn't say he wanted someone "better" than Hope, but he would like to see Hope with someone else.

It remains to be seen if Thomas will be able to pull himself back from the edge and listen to himself when he says in the promo, "You can't go back there." I hope this is just a small speed bump on his way... But if it's not, fans will do everything they can to let the people in charge at Bold & Beautiful know it's time to move on.

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