Fans are comparing ‘The Bold and Beautiful’s Sheila to Annie Wilkes in ‘Misery’

Fans are comparing ‘The Bold and Beautiful’s Sheila to Annie Wilkes in ‘Misery’

The new episodes and happenings of the the show “Bold and Beautiful” are making fans compare the character of Sheila to Annie Wilkes character in Misery

Updated on July 26, 2022 12:32 PM by Sally Harbor

A staple 

‘The Bold and Beautiful’ has been a show that has been a staple in the TV industry since 1987 and is still quite loved by fans.

The series has more than once proven overwhelming popularity. The show is interesting with exciting characters, high-quality production values, fabulous hair, makeup, etc that have made the show indeed quite a beautiful and bold one. 

What is a show without some drama and tea to spill that keeps the audience over at the edge? ‘Bold and Beautiful’ is also one show that has always kept its fans on the edge to watch the next episodes.

Recently as well the show has been bringing up some drama with a tense storyline involving Finn and his birth mother, Sheila Carter.

The Villain 

She has always been quite a bit of that villainy character that has to be there in any show that happens to be of the melodrama genre. The recent episodes have shown just how far she will go to get her way.

Fans of the show have been sounding quite off with the villain's character development and they took to the social media site Twitter in order to share their opinions.

Some of the fans of the show claimed that she’s showing some real similarities to the famed character Annie Wilkes from Misery.

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Rough time 

John Finn has had quite a bit of a rough time on the show after being shot by Sheila and having an almost near-death experience.

In the recent episode, While Finn manages to survive the shooting when he wakes up in the hospital, he comes face to face with Sheila herself.

Sheila seems quite keen to build the relationship that she had with her son again despite the fact of what she had done to him and almost killed him to death.

But in spite of all the trials, it seems to be an error as her son does not seem to have any desire to mend fences with the unscrupulous woman.

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The Bad situation 

The situation between the mother and son duo has become quite bad or even worse one could say.

Even though Sheila is refusing to budge, reminding Finn that he has no control over what occurs, and making sure that he lacks the strength to leave his hospital bed. But Finn has resorted to pleading with Sheila to allow him to see Steffy.

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After the recent episode of the shoe Bold and Beautiful'' in which Sheila tells Finn that “he’s never getting out” of the hospital bed, some fans have resorted to social media to compare Sheila to a famous film psychopath – Annie Wilkes from the 1990 thriller Misery.

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Annie Wilkes 

The character Annie Wilkes was played by Kathy Bates, who holds a captive in her home and refuses to contact local authorities after he is injured and effectively holding him as a prisoner. Annie eventually resorts to torturing the writer whom she has kept captive to keep him from trying to escape her secluded house.

Full blown Misery 

Fans of the show on Twitter commented on a recent post by The Bold and Beautiful and said that she is “full-blown” Misery and that Sheila is really showing echoes of Stephen King’s ‘Misery’. While a few fans were put off by the character development, others seemed to like the direction of the story.

Had to 

One fan told the other side of the story and kept their opinion by saying that Finn experiencing this treatment needed to happen so he could truly see Sheila for who she is and realize she can’t be redeemed.

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