Famous bay in Thailand! Most attraction spot for the tourists!

Famous bay in Thailand! Most attraction spot for the tourists!

Updated on August 02, 2022 14:49 PM by Anna P

Maya Bay!

Maya Bay belongs to the Phi Phi National Park, located on the west coast of Phi Phi Island. It's famous for being where the Hollywood film The Beach was shot. The sea looks crystal clear also the sands are soft and white. It's a stunning beach that is worth the hype.


In June 2018, on February morning in Maya Bay, authorities reopened one of Thailand's most popular tourist attractions to the world following a massive rehabilitation program. Tourists walk along the shore, the towering months appear to float over the water's surface, and blacktip sharks swim through the bay.

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New arrivals!

It's a surreal scene where a deluge as dozens of tourists trudge down a newly erected boardwalk, making their way to the celebrated white sand beach, and they are ready to take photos and selfies. Swimming is not allowed where tourists seemingly cannot resist the aquamarine waters of the bay and attempt to push the boundaries.

Strict rules to be followed!

A French tourist is issued a 5000 baht fine for ignoring the rule. An elderly woman furtively smokes a cigarette on the boardwalk near the entrance to the beach, which is strictly a no-smoking area which makes tourists disheartening.

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Love the beach!

Bay is the most prominent tourist spot everyone loves to enjoy. Maya bay is the uninhabited Phi Phi Leh, one of the two main Islands in Krabi province. Tourism contributed about 20% to Thailand's GDP before the pandemic.

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Films' popularity grew!

In 2000, the movie The Beach was released starring Leonardo DiCaprio, which focused on a group of backpackers with a beautiful view of the island in Thailand. Most tourists desired to visit the spot after the movie was released.

The number o tourists increased from less than 1000 to as many as 7000 visitors a day at its peak. Each day on the bay, more than 5000 people entered. Many were daytrippers visiting from nearby Phuket.

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Transplanting process!

The tourist was not optimistic about the experience, where the panoramic views of the beautiful bay were blocked by the line of boats anchored along the shore. A team of marine experts and volunteers have replanted over 30,000 pieces of coral grown off a nearby island's coast.

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Bay closes again!

Seven months since reopening, the closure will only last two months, from 1st August to 30th September, during the monsoon season. The current chief of Maya Bay national park, Suthep Chaikaow, recalls the atmosphere before the park was closed in 2018.

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A limited number of visitors!

The Department of the National Parks limited the number of visitors to not more than 4125 persons per day allocated into one-hour slots to spread them out. Boats no longer enter the bay as they set at the back of the islands, where the tourists beautifully view all of the bay. This entire rejuvenation program is designed to avoid the problem of the past.

Protection through education!

The project called Save Our Sharks that managed through the resort's Marine Discover Center. A well-planned facility designed to educate tourists and residents from neighboring communities about marine life and ecosystems in the national park effectively cultivates environmental consciousness.

Keep an eye on the bay!

In 2024, according to a recent World Bank report, international tourist arrivals in Thailand are expected to reach 24 million, around 60% of pre-pandemic levels. Before the pandemic, the Chinese were the most significant source of visiting Thailand.

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