Facts about Four More Shots Please

Facts about Four More Shots Please

Updated on October 27, 2021 09:12 AM by Andrew Koschiev

In the lockdown period, the first watched web series is Four more shots, please. It was an outbreak from coronavirus. Four more shots, please story revolved around four friends and met at a pub in Mumbai. Four members are bonded with drinks. The everyday discussions at the bar about the ups and downs in their lives, which are commendable. It is unapologetic dealing with situations like sex, love, a failed marriage, cheating partners, and Business woes. From this, the team is winning the hearts of the people.

Here are some interesting facts about the show. Read the article, and don't forget to scroll

Bani J lost her Mother during the Shooting

Umang Singh's story is the crucial element of the show for the climax scene. It is like grabbing attention for all the seasons. In contrast, she was looking forward to shooting the scene. Thus, it is ended with the most challenging scenes for her, but the shoot could not finish, and she continuously started crying for four hours.

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Lisa Ray was not sure about intimate scenes with Bani J.

Both actresses played the role of a homosexual couple in the show, winning millions of hearts with their performance and acting. Interestingly, Will witnessed the ladies tying the knot in a lavish wedding. It garnered many people's attention, but Lisa recalled that she was pretty unsure about doing the scenes with Bani and too shy during the reading sessions.

Siddhi Patel was Apprehensive about doing an Intimate Scene

Siddhi Patel's character had grown well in the season in particular terms of her sexual awakening. It features the intimate scenes of the actress. Siddhi revealed that she was apprehensive in the season as it was very new to her. In the very season2 first episode, I was like, Oh my god.

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Became A Friends Before The Four Shots


The good chemistry between the lead roles had made the series amusing. The reason for the chemistry and good bond between the lead actresses on the screen is their friendship in real which had started before the series.

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Climax Screen Hold A Sad Story That Is Out Of Screen


One of the actresses, Bani J had lost her mother at the time of the climax scene shooting. The climax scene shoot was ended up due to the endless crying of Bani J. Though she went to the shoot of climax, it became a complex scene to shoot.


Location Is Also One Of The Lead In Series


Similar to the actors in the series, the places shown in the series also play an important role. Thus in addition to the performance of the lead characters, the places chosen for the series Four More Shots Please also be a perfect match for the series. The places which fit well for the famous series are Mumbai, Udaipur, and Istanbul.

Heart Winning Couples Are Unsure About Couple Sessions


In the Four More Shots Please series, the homosexual couple part was performed by Bani J and Lisa Ray. There is an interesting and hidden fact that is Bani J was felt too shy at the time of the reading sessions.

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