Everything you need to know about Madelyn Clines's life

Everything you need to know about Madelyn Clines's life

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Madelyn Cline's Parents

Madelyn Cline is an actress and a model. She was born on December 21, 1997, in South Carolina. She is only 24 years old.

She is the most loved celebrity for her character Sarah Cameron, who plays on the Netflix series Outer Banks. Fans have been searching on Google about her family and especially her parents. However, there has yet to be a real update about her siblings or boyfriend. 

As per sources and some reports, Madelyn's parents are Mark Cline and Pam Cline
It is the most searched thing on Google. Mark is the father while Pam is the mother of Madelyn, and their Nationality is no surprise they are American.

Her father, Mark, is a Water Waste management engineer, and Madelyn's mother, Pam Cline, is a Real Estate agent. 

Career growth 

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Madelyn's career began with a short film Milites Christi, and she played Matilda in 2009. She even played a part as Maya Smith in 2011 in 23rd Psalm Redemption.

Madelyn was featured in the Savannah Sunrise in her role of Willow. (2016)
She even made her television debut the same year in the movie The Jury in the role of Grace Alexander.

Madelyn appeared in short roles in series like Maid to Order and Stranger.

Madelyn's most path-breaking and audience-favorite role, Sarah Cameron, was offered her in 2017 for Outer Banks.

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Personal details 

Madelyn is dating her fellow co-star from Outer Banks, Chase Stokes. They met during the meeting of the first series. Their chemistry is loved so much that it got them Best Kiss Award at the MTV Movie awards.

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Facts about Madelyn 

  • Madelyn was featured in a TV series in the role of Jessica in the Originals.
  • Madelyn did a short film in 2017 as Luna in Wild Flowers.
  • Madelyn gave her voice in the series Day by Day to Daisy in 2020.
  • Madelyn is featured on the covers of American Girl, Grazia, and Harper Bazaar. 

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