Enjoy the moment of New Year's Eve with Times Square Ball Drop!

Enjoy the moment of New Year's Eve with Times Square Ball Drop!

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Times Square Ball Drop history back to 1833, the first ever ball was installed in England’s Royal observatory. The purpose of the ball drop is to notify all the people around the world. Besides the ball drop, the main attraction of this event is the colorful fireworks. The ball was incorporated with one hundred light bulbs that lit up when the ball was placed on the building's flagpole, which hit the tower's roof. 

History of Times Square Ball Drop!

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In 1904, New Year's Eve was first celebrated in Times Square, New York, and in 1907; the New Year ball dropped was first dropped. To indicate the New Year, seven different varieties of balls were designed. The first New Year's Eve ball was made of iron and wood with one hundred 25-watt light bulbs. It was about 5 feet in diameter and weighed 700 pounds. 

The people staying in Times Square were given battery-powered top hats with digital lights showing 1908. When the clock strikes 12, the hat lit up with the number 1908, signaling the New Year arrived.

This year 2023, the ball drop will take place at Times Square, New York. The building lit up on the 31st night with thousands of lights, and people gathered excitedly to watch the beginning of the New Year. 

The ball is placed on the top of the Waterford Crystal Times Square building. The ball drops at 11:59 PM as millions of people echo their countdown of the New Year. The event of the ball drop will be held by the Times Square Alliance and Countdown Entertainment Company, led by Jeff Strauss. 

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Streaming on the channel!

The event hosting management provides a facility to view the entire event in idiot boxes; those who do not belong to New Year city can enjoy watching. Several networks and cable channels televise the event. You can watch a live stream of the New Year ball drop 2023 with some sources. There are no tickets to the Ball drop. You have to plan and reach the destination at the right time and get a perfect spot to view the ball drop. Happy New Year, 2023! Make sure to visit the Times Square Ball Drop event.

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