Dorinda Medley says Jill Zarin's 'hurtful' comments were very salacious

Dorinda Medley says Jill Zarin's 'hurtful' comments were very salacious

Updated on July 30, 2022 11:31 AM by Anthony Christian

She answered a listener's question about the simmering drama between her and one of her ex-Real Housewives of New York City castmates on her SiriusXM show Make It Nice With Dorinda Medley.

After watching Watch What Happens Life, she confronted Medley over Zarin's curt tone and his statement that Dorinda is drinking. While calling Zarin a friend, Medley clarified "we're not best friends," but rather "acquaintances."

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She said, "This is her moment, and it's new for her." He suggested she take advantage of it because it's been a long time. The other night, even Brandi admitted that she was thirsty. It's a good idea. There was a thirst in Tamra's voice. Let's do it.

"When you care, things hurt," Medley responded to the caller's claim that Jill Zarin's comments were "hurtful." According to Medley, "consider the source. So let people say whatever they want." The comments would bother me if they were meaningful to her." According to Medley, "the key to these shows is conflict and resolution."

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Additionally, she mentioned their arc on Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip. Zarin and Medley had a falling out after Medley called Zarin "thirsty" for attention. According to Medley, the women had developed a bond by episode six. Medley revealed that she had written to him several times. Regardless of what happened, I haven't seen Jill. Since it ended, I haven't even talked to her."

A potential reunion on RHONY: Legacy with Medley could be "very ugly." "My ambition, drive, and hunger for success are what make me thirsty for success. I think thirsty is a mean word for someone who is jealous of someone else and wants what they want.

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