Do Revenge Netflix Cast

Do Revenge Netflix Cast

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"Do Revenge" is a 2022 youth-based black comedy film of America directed by a renowned artist of Jennifer Kaytin Robinson. The movie stars outstanding actors and is encouraged by Alfred Hitchcock's drama in 'Strangers on a Train' released in 1951. 'Do revenge' cast with Camila Mendes, Austin Abrams, Maya Hawke, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Rish Shah. It appeared on Netflix on September 16, 2022, and was honored with several positive feedbacks from critics.

"Do Revenge" Storyline:

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A character, Drea, stays at the peak of the powers of her high school, where her whole life turns into a blaze when her sex tape gets disclosed to the entire classroom.

The king of the school and probably her boyfriend named Max. Eleanor is a new transfer obstinate student who is annoyed by knowing that she has to back to school with her childhood bully named Carissa, who began a vicious gossip about her in a summer camp at the age of 13.

Once the tennis camp is over, Eleonor and Drea come up into a hidden friendship to take reprisal from each other's oppressors. The two teamed up to take action against their teasers.

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Genre: Comedy, Drama 

Critics' Response: On the various reviews, the series gains 84% votes based on 74 critics' reviews at an average rate of 6.5 out of 10. A critic of the website consensus states, "Do Revenge conveys bit-by-bit positive outcomes, though Camila Mendes and Maya Hawke create this honied dish in a better way to depict the high school as a hell". A folk of 'The Daily Beast' named Coleman Spilde illustrated the movie as "a generating defining masterpiece", stating it a high school comes so witty, so influencing, and so stylish that it can stay at the top of store'.     
Release Date: September 16, 2022


IMDb – 6.3/10

Rotten Tomatoes – 84%

Metacritic – 66

Common Sense – 5/5
"Do Revenge" releases on Netflix after the hype has been built for ages. Its cast goes legendary and appeals as a reimagining of Alfred's Strangers on Train to team up with exact revenge on their bullies.

The film paid tribute to other classic youth revenge series like Cruel Intentions in 1999, Jawbreaker in 1999, Mean Girls in 2004, Clueless in 1995, and Heathers in 1998. It also features some iconic songs that aired the movie to its top place. If you wander to know about this wonderful series's casting and crew fellows, then no look further. Here's a brief list to look upon some famed artists. Keep on reading:

Camila Mendes – Acted As Drea Torres

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Camila Mendes gets a chance to take on the superior role of 'Do Revenge' by playing the role of Drea. She performs the character of the popular and well-groomed girl who claims she has spent many years creating a remarkable bond and life with her boyfriend.

Camila Mendes is known as the best-known lead actor on Riverdale, wherein she acted in the role of Veronica Lodge starting in 2017. She also began acting in Andy Samberg and Palm Springs and stars in several Netflix movies to play for the Perfect Date, The New Romantic, and Dangerous lies.

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Sophie Turner – Acted As Erica

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Sophie turner, who played the character of Erica, is geared up with a cameo role in the series 'Do Revenge', and she is highly appreciated for this. She is well-known for her iconic film in Game of Thrones as 'Sansa Stark'. Besides this, she acted as Jean Grey or Phoenix in the X-Men movies from 2016 headlong.

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Maya Hawke – Acted as Eleanor

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The leading actor Maya Hawke cast as Eleanor, played a new transfer boy to the school who seems as a shy and awkward student to join with her old tyrant Carissa.

'Maya Hawke' is a big fame in Netflix royalty, and she gained fame through her previously released movies. She is well-known for playing the iconic character in Stranger Things, Robin Buckley.

Aside from this, she also played a supporting role in 'Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and starred in Fear Street Trilogy on Netflix.

Austin Abrams – Acted as Max

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Austin Abrams, who played the character of Max, is an ex-boyfriend of Drea and considers the king of the school. He gives the impression of disclosing the sex tape.

Austin is well known for his wonderful acting in 'The Walking dead and Ethan in Euphoria for his Ron Anderson role. In the Netflix series, he also performed a lead role in Dash & Lily and made an amazing series named, The Kings of summer, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, Paper Towns, Chemical Hearts, and Brad's Status.

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Sarah Miller Gellar – Acted as Headmaster

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Sarah Miller played the character of the head teacher in the series. The unnamed headmaster gears up Drea on a behavioral trial to start the movie.

She has been in the acting industry since she was a kid. Also, she is best known for her hit series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, released between 1997 to 2003. Her notable appearance involves I know What you did Last Summer, Cruel Intentions, Scooby-Doo, Scream two, and Clerks III.

Other Casting & Crew Members

Aside from above mentioned, the cast of 'Do Revenge' movie on Netflix is aired with other favorite actors and films such as 'Eliza Bennett in Inkheart as Nany McPhee, 'Talia Ryder in Never Really Sometimes Always, 'Parris Berelc', 'Maia Reficco' in Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin, 'Alisha Toe' in 13 Reasons Why 'Jonathan Daviss' in Outer Banks and so on. So, head towards to watch the movie without any setbacks. Stay tuned.  

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