Diego Luna has 'much more to say' in Star Wars: Andor

Diego Luna has 'much more to say' in Star Wars: Andor

Updated on July 20, 2022 16:22 PM by Ava Sara

The fact that Luna's Andor would return to Star Wars was a surprise to many, including the actor himself, after pretty much everyone died at the end of the spin-off science fiction movie back in 2016.

Andor, the titular character in the Star Wars series, will begin in August 2022 and tell the story of how he became involved in the rebellion.

As Diego Luna told Entertainment Weekly, the prospect of returning to the Star Wars timeline brought him a pleasant surprise when Disney reached out to him to discuss the possibility of reprising his role.

The actor says he enjoyed the opportunity to add more depth to his character.

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It's just wonderful that we now have 12 episodes to tell you the story behind everyone who has brought change," said Luna. After that, Luna said, “I was ready to move on. Then I was invited to return, which made perfect sense,” Luna said.

It was just that I had a lot more to say and do with this role. While I was shooting, I thought about many things that I never would have been able to explore in a film,” he explained. Despite Andor's name being incorporated into the sci-fi show, Luna insists it has much more going on than just one character.

You'll meet many characters you haven't known existed in this galaxy and visit places you never knew existed.” It's about a community. As of August 2022, the Andor release date has been announced.

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