Deeply Sorry for Anyone Who Was Scared, says Dua Lipa

Deeply Sorry for Anyone Who Was Scared, says Dua Lipa

Updated on August 01, 2022 11:58 AM by Evelyn Mia

"We're just as startled and perplexed by the occurrences as you all are," Dua Lipa remarked of herself and her crew. It was unauthorized, and she apologized to her fans. Dua apologized to fans for the fireworks.

After a concertgoer allegedly set off unlicensed fireworks at Dua Lipa's Toronto performance, the singer apologized to her fans. Unauthorized fireworks at Dua Lip's concert.

Dua posted a statement on her Instagram Story on Thursday saying, "unauthorized fireworks went off last night in the crowd during my concert in Toronto." She apologized to her fans.

My team and I are just as shocked and perplexed. Dua spoke about the events as you all are. She was shocked by the unauthorized fireworks and apologized. Creating a safe and inclusive space at my shows is always my top priority. They are investigating the real reason.

Everyone involved is working hard to determine how this occurrence occurred as part of an ongoing inquiry into the circumstances, Dua said in her apology. Dua gave the following statement.

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"It has been such a wonderful experience bringing this show to life for my fans. I'm very sorry if anyone was terrified, felt uncomfortable, or had their enjoyment of the concert diminished. Dua, I adore you.

Police responded. In response to complaints that someone had thrown pyrotechnics after the performance on Wednesday night, police arrived at the Scotiabank Arena at about 11:42 p.m." Very minor injuries" for three people.

The audience was caught off guard by the fireworks. We assumed it was part of the finale because it happened at the end, during her last song, and confetti had already been released. 

It was a scary firework. Other than the people in the pit, "no one was scared of it, yet it was hella scary."As Lipa was speaking on stage and requesting that the audience applauds her dancers, fireworks started to go off a video.

Fireworks are a prohibited item. Anyone possessing them will be denied admittance, and the fireworks will be turned over to the police. All spectators must pass through metal detectors to enter the arena, according to a venue owner representative.

The firework scared everyone."Last night, a spectator fired off unlicensed and illegal fireworks on the arena floor after the conclusion of a show at Scotiabank Arena.

Three guests received modest assistance on-site as a result, and they could leave without requiring additional medical care. It was a dangerous act. "As one of North America's top venues, The top priority of MLSE is to provide a safe and secure environment for each visitor to Scotiabank Arena.

The police were accused of not investigating. To that end, we started working with Toronto Police Services right away to conduct a thorough investigation into this careless and dangerous act.

 Assistance by Cops is appreciated. As always, we appreciate the quick assistance the Toronto Police Services provided, the on-site medical staff, staff members, and concertgoers said Dua's team. A representative for the singer did not immediately respond.

Dua Lipa's albums. In support of her 2020 album with the same name, which featured singles like "Levitating" and "Doesn't Start Now," Lipa is presently on her Future Nostalgia Tour.

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