Date night into the Roloff Farmhouse

Date night into the Roloff Farmhouse

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The couple's evening

On Thursday, August 18, Audrey, 31, posted on her Instagram Stories that Audrey and Jeremy, 32, were enjoying a date night despite the stress of moving.

Audrey said their goal of having at least one date per week for the entire year is "Squeezing in a date night (we missed last week in the packing madness), so we are one week behind today."

Audrey flaunted her white tank top and denim skirt look while posing in a full-length mirror.

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The couple was pictured on the next slide taking a selfie while out to supper

 When they returned home from their date, Jeremy and Audrey took a photo, which Audrey shared as the final slide of her Instagram Stories presentation. And a stroll through our vacant home," Audrey added.

On Wednesday, August 17, the couple, who had the children Ember, Bode, and Radley, formally moved into their new home. Audrey updated her followers on the move's progress by posting footage of the moving trucks and revealing views of the fixer-upper home.

Audrey shared the news of their $1.5 million purchase on Instagram on June 12, days after In Touch broke the story. "After a two-year search ning all over the state of Oregon... IT. IS. TIME," she wrote. "We purchased a farm! Look at what's in our backyard, too. That is, in fact, our trestle.

You will understand this train trestle's significance in our love story

It lives if you had read our book (or even just glanced at the cover, lol).

 It's where Jeremy proposed to Audrey, asked me to be his girlfriend, and we shot the photo for our New York Times best-selling book's cover. It's close to my parent's property," the Oregonian wrote.

After their ambition of owning Jeremy's family farm was dashed, buying the house enabled Audrey and Jeremy to chart their "own path."

Since he was a young boy, Jeremy and Audrey had aspirations of taking over his parent's property (or a portion of it). He had been made to believe it was conceivable.

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He officially announced it on TV and made it known to his family, the former reality star said in a June 1 Instagram Story. "When we got married, it became a shared desire, and we started working toward it."


We discovered that Jer's family was not as supportive of our efforts to acquire it as we had initially believed, Audrey said. In the end, Jeremy's father, Matt Roloff, opted to sell 16 acres of Roloff Farm in July.

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