Cheryl Burke Posted An Emotional Message To Her Co-Dancers Before Leaving The Show

Cheryl Burke Posted An Emotional Message To Her Co-Dancers Before Leaving The Show

Updated on November 28, 2022 11:33 AM by Andrew Koschiev

Dancing with the Stars Season 31 

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Dancing with the Stars Season 31 carries out more than just crown Charli D'Amelio, as its winner; the Disney+ series also said bye to two professionals who were staples of the franchise to that point. Longtime competition judge Len Goodman finished his run, and Cheryl Burke gave one last performance before officially retiring from DWTS. Following her exit, she has an emotional message to share with her former pro dance partners. 

Cheryl Burke only achieves the title of Dancing with the Stars two times towards the beginning of her tenure. Still, she remained competitive for whole years, thanks to her showstopping performances and the dance partners that withstand her to the later rounds of the competition. Burke recently thanked all her former dance partners, tagging Drew Lachey, Emmitt Smith, and others in an emotional Instagram post.

Love For Former Dance Partners 

Cheryl Burke had nothing but love for her former dance partners and seemed nostalgic when it came to her leave from Dancing With The Stars. In view that she was on 26 seasons of the program, most would be surprised if she wasn't looking back on the past and ensuring that she shows appreciation to those she's worked with over the years now that the ride is over. 

Twenty-six seasons on Dancing With The Stars means conceding all 26 dance partners. Moreover, to her prolonged message to her former dance partners, Cheryl Burke also posted a video featuring shots of her whole years alongside her dance partners

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Cheryl Burke Wants To Continue The Show 

Though Cheryl Burke decided to step away as a pro dancer on Dancing with the Stars, she is already indicated that she is interested in continuing on the show. Burke has already eminent that she put her name out there as a possible contender for Len Goodman's successor, though there needs to be word concerning who might be offered that job. 

Cheryl Burke Wants To Step Into A Judging Role 

The star has a lot of experience with the show, so everybody is sure she could step into a judging role. With that said, only some DWTS pros are willing to judge, so the show should consider it has a ready pro who wants to take Len Goodman's place. 

Whatever ends up circumstance, many of us will be rooting for Cheryl Burke moving forward. The sky is the limit for her, and it will be amazing to see what she does next. In the duration, though, it's lovely to see those who have bestowed to Burke's amazing performances over the years get their flowers as well.

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