Cheer Up!! Christmas Village in Philadelphia is On! Enjoy the holiday spirit this December

Cheer Up!! Christmas Village in Philadelphia is On! Enjoy the holiday spirit this December

Updated on November 28, 2022 11:20 AM by Andrew Koschiev

For the upcoming 15th Straight year, Philadelphia’s Christmas Village begins for the holiday season in City Hall Courtyard, where you explore over 200 vendors, festive activities, fun-loving gifts, outdoor snacks, shopping, and a meet-up over a drink with your friends. 

The Centre city of Philadelphia is converted into a broad German market to relish in many activities for families, consisting of a Ferris wheel, a two-tier carousel, and German cuisine. Enter such an event area is free of cost. It brings new cabins and table-filled areas to sit, relax and nosh up to your feet. 

Expanding the Winter Annual Pop-up Post Covid-19 restrictions 

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The free Library of Philadelphia provides storytime events for children every Tuesday at 11 a.m. At the same time, the adults can take pleasure in wine tastings every Wednesday and Tuesday at 4 p.m. This will be fun for every folk to delve into such an overwhelming market. 

Organizers stated that the Christmas Village has returned with pre-pandemic standards for tackling Covid-19 restrictions for the last two years. The plan is to expand the annual Philadelphia pop-up events in the future, as per social media and PR Manager Lisa Leonhardi. 

Leonhardi added, “It keeps rising yearly since people around the area prefer and love it. Everywhere we go, folks familiar with Christmas Village of Philadelphia, and they want to organize it which is just a part of the city at one point.” 

“Thousands of people are excited to attend the winter pop-up market this year. The official opening weekend is held this weekend and expecting, and a crazy amount of people, to visit the Christmas Market. It is so nice to see you again and everybody get together on Christmas Eve.” Leonhardi said. 

Delight into the wonderful Things that Happen In the Christmas Market

Located at the Dilworth Park winter Garden of Philadelphia, you discover the Art at Astro Vinyl with some designs and outfit etches that convert into the vibes of music. Others designs are themed after Philly sports. 

Alongside, you see the sights of the best visuals at Chester County glass blower of Thomas von Koch, situated at the WGK Glass Art booth at Dilworth Park, No. 43. You will dip into delicate handiwork of ornaments, knickknacks, Jewelry, and Germany-designed art crafts.

Candles! Candles! And more Candles! This gift you can offer to anyone from your sibling to the boss to the best friend to your partner. You can check out various choices to make your day with the colorful assortment of offering wellness and skincare products.

Aside from the above, you will receive a welcoming attitude of Philadelphia and sassy socks, available at various vendors, including lots of scarves, gloves, hats, sweaters, Designer bags and a lot more!  

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