Celebrities in defense of Amber Portwood after she lost custody of her son

Celebrities in defense of Amber Portwood after she lost custody of her son

Updated on July 29, 2022 17:49 PM by Michael Davis

Amber Portwood lost control over James

Amber Portwood promised to 'fight constantly' for her youngsters in the wake of losing the care of her four-year-old child James. The Teen Mom OG star, 32, answered a court administration is conceding her ex Andrew Glennon sole lawful and genuine care of their kid in a proclamation given to Us Weekly.

Amber Portwood accepts her psychological maladjustment was "utilized against" her in the wake of losing the authority of 4-year-old child James to ex-Andrew Glennon.

Amber's mental health after the verdict

Not long after news broke through The Sun on Tuesday, the cinematographer, 38, was granted complete physical and lawful care of the little one. Portwood, 32, went Live on Instagram.

As well as let her devotees know that she was remaining "positive" and going to "battle this," the "The Teen Mom OG" star contended that she ought not to be considered responsible for botches from "quite a while ago" for however long she is attempting to better herself.

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The verdict about the custody

The MTV character, who has been vocal about her battles with bipolar turmoil and marginal behavioral condition, spouted about her "fantastic" connection with her and Gary Shirley's 13-year-old little girl, Leah.

Portwood guaranteed that James additionally partakes in their time together, saying he repeatedly tells her, "I love you." Per the decision, Glennon can now move their child from Indiana to his home territory of California. Yet, Portwood has been conceded for the time being visits with James, starting at three days every month.

Advice from the judge for the couple

The adjudicator encouraged that she and Glennon do month-to-month tranquilize screen tests, likewise asking the lighting and camera specialist to "search out and consider the mother's viewpoint before pursuing any significant choices connecting with the youngster's clinical treatment, training, and religion." Portwood gave birth to James in May 2018, one year before she and Glennon tapped out.

The previous couple split in July 2019 when the truth star was captured for purportedly going after him with a cleaver. Glennon was then, at that point, genuinely essential actual guardianship, offering joint legitimate authority to Portwood.

The Indiana local confessed in October of that year to the homegrown battery, criminal carelessness perpetrated with a dangerous weapon, and homegrown battery carried out within sight of a youngster under 16.

She was condemned to probation and requested to go to nurturing classes. As the exes in this manner participated in an extensive care fight, Portwood was permitted three unaided visits each month with her most youthful youngster.

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Amber's fellow star Catelynn about the judgment

She was supporting her companion. Catelynn Lowell came to safeguard Amber Portwood after the last option lost authority over her 4-year-old child, James. "I love you. Please accept my apologies that this is going on thus inappropriate," The Conquering Chaos coauthor, 30, composed using Instagram on Thursday, July 28, remarking on a post about the circumstance that Portwood, 32, shared prior that day.

"He wants you in his life and what they chose is so off-base on such countless levels," the Michigan local proceeded. "You know your reality and all the difficult work you have done. Don't Let Anyone make you think unexpectedly! I'm hanging around you until the end of time."

Amber's words of motivation

Amber's unique post read, "I'm crushed and grief-stricken by this result. I've endeavored to better myself and work on my relationship with my youngsters.

While I've forever been open about my past substance misuse and issues with emotional wellness, an individual ought to get an opportunity to make up for themselves and not be fastened to their problems from an earlier time.

Amber's strong, piercing assertion finished with encouraging statements and trust, yet she referred to her harrowing experience as "horrendous." 

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