Can You Keep A Secret Netflix Cast

Can You Keep A Secret Netflix Cast

Updated on November 19, 2022 13:39 PM by Michael Davis

Can You Keep a Secret? has quickly made its way to Netflix’s top 10 trending list, and you will want to know why this movie from 2019 is capturing the hearts of many users across the nation.

The movie, in itself, is certainly enough to explain the rave as it is a charming romantic comedy about a young woman who tells a stranger all the embarrassing facts about her personal life, not knowing that she will eventually meet this same man in her workplace as her CEO. She navigates this humiliating no-no in ways that’ll make you laugh, cry, and reel you into this great movie.

The synopsis is marvelous, but what we believe will truly reel you in is this 2019 film’s cast.

Who can you expect to see? We tell you everything about who’s in Can You Keep a Secret? Right here.

Can You Keep Secret cast members? 

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From The White Lotus actress Alexandra Daddario, who stars as Emma Corrigan, to Teen Wolf actor Tyler Hoechlin, who plays her love interest Jack Harper, the cast of Can You Keep Secret features:

  • Sunita Mani as Lissy
  • David Ebert as Connor
  • Kate Easton as Artemis
  • Robert King as Casey
  • James Lipsius as Nick
  • Kimiko Glenn as Gemma
  • Sam Asghari as Omar
  • Judah Friedlander as Mick
  • Bobby Tisdale as Doug

And last but certainly not least, Inventing Anna actress Laverne Cox stars as Cybill in this rom-com film. See Cox and the other talented cast in the trailer for Can You Keep a Secret below.

The crew for this film is worthy of praise as it not only features Finding Sarah‘s Elise Duran, who serves as the director for the title but also has The Hating Game‘s Peter Hutchings, our writer. With all this talent on board, it sounds like you’re in for a great time.

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Box office

Can You Keep a Secret? had a lean theatrical release, only in foreign markets, where it earned a total box office of US$1.6 million.

Key Information


A Vertical Entertainment release of a BCDF Pictures production, in association with 120dB Films, Embankment Films, and Big Indie Pictures. Producers: Claude Dal Farra, Brice Dal Farra, Brian Keady. Executive producers: Stephen Hays, Peter Graham, Risty Holzer, Alexandra Daddario, Charles Miller.

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Director: Elise Duran. Screenplay: Peter Hutchings. Camera (color, widescreen): Autumn Eakin. 
Editors: Nathaniel Krause, Jason Nicholson. Music: Jeff Cardoni.
With: Alexandra Daddario, Tyler Hoechlin, Sunita Mani, Laverne Cox, Robert King, Kimiko Glenn, David Ebert.

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Can You Keep A Secret: Watch It Or Curvet It?

The Gist Of The Movie 

Emma is a hard-working hand who struggles to be noticed amongst her louder and more eccentric coworkers. Still, she’s feasibly struggling even more in her private life, sharing an apartment with her best buddy, Lissy (Sunita Mani), and the self-obsessed Gemma (Kimiko Glenn) while just barely tolerating her lover, Connor (David Ebert). He loves jazz and is not a fan of wearing pants at home. As such, it’s tranquil to imagine a scenario where she falls for Jack, and given how well he accepts all of the things she revealed to him on the flight, it won’t be hard for him to fall for her.

But how facile will it be for him to open up to her about everything in his life? Aye, there's the rub, and that’s not to speak of how difficult it will be for a low-level marketing rep to make an apprehension in the workplace without everyone immediately jumping to the conclusion that her success is because she’s slipped into a relationship with the CEO. (Not that we’re in any way suggesting that this is the case, mind you. We know how these sorts of films tend to go.) Thankfully, she has a sympathetic boss in Cybill (Laverne Cox), but that will only get her far if she can’t stand up for herself and prove her worth.

What Movies Will It Remind You Of?

Bridget Jones’s book is the first one that leaps to wit, but there is an oversupply of workplace rom-com that leap to wit, if only in simple terms, to name a few at random Working female or Two Weeks Notice, except not as good.

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Performance Worth Watching

This is 100% Hoechlin’s film. He is endearing from the get-go; you know without question that he will come through in the end, and, Well, let’s say there is a reason he is Superman.

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Memorable Dialogue

“No one has any confounded idea what love is on this whole planet,” says Emma, which is 100% ludicrous since there is no question from the jiff that she and Jack meet on the plane that they are going to end up madly in love by the time the credits roll.

Sex and Skin: For better or worse, the only outright déshabillé in the movie belongs to Connor, who boastfully strolls around his home with his decidedly furry ass draped out.

Our Take

As wonderful as Hoechlin may be throughout the movie, Daddario is handed many embarrassing scenes ranging from “ouch, that is not good” to “I may need to leave the room for a moment.” They do have an exact amount of chemistry, but it is a far more considerable struggle to see what he sees in her than what she sees in him.

Moreover, the assured “trouble in paradise” scene that seemingly causes Emma’s happily-ever-after resolution with Jack to be put into question is a total tonal misfire, with Emma treating a TV meeting done by Jack to be a complete treachery even as most viewers will look at Jack’s face and realize that, if anything, it’s a testament to how much he cares for Emma.

Our Call

It’s certainly not the best rom-com we have seen recently, and it’s frustrating at times, but just for Hoechlin’s showing alone, we still say stream it.

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