Britney Spears breaks silence on Kevin Federline accusations of ignoring her son

Britney Spears breaks silence on Kevin Federline accusations of ignoring her son

Updated on August 08, 2022 21:44 PM by Andrew Koschiev

Spears expressed her 'sadden' about Federline's claim

She hadn't seen her sons in months, a post on Instagram. Her husband, Sam Asghari, even publicly defended her over the incident It didn't take long for Spears and Asghari to respond to the accusation on social media. Federline's conversation with ITV regarding his children is what sparked this issue.

He claimed to the newspaper that his sons "made the decision" not to go to Spears' wedding in June. The lads have decided they won't be seeing her right now, Federline added. He continued by stating that it had "been a few months since they've seen her" and that one of the causes of the alleged separation was Spears' posting nude images on Instagram.

Kevin Federline is accusing Britney of false accusations

My ex-decision husband's to talk about the connection between myself and my children hurts me, Spears stated on her Instagram Story. "As we all know, it's never easy for anyone to raise teenage boys...

The fact that the justification is based on my Instagram worries me. Long before Instagram, there existed. I provided everything for them. Just one word: HURT... I will say it. My mum advised me to GIVE them to their father. I can share this, so I will. Have a great day, everyone! She sent another lengthy reply that continued the conversation.

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Spear spoke in length, clearing her side of the story

Asghari joined Spears in criticizing Federline's latest statements on Instagram. Spears stated that she has been bound by her conservatorship for a long period and is now free.

She mentioned her children had been impacted by the difficulties she had endured over the past few decades. The performer said, "Remind me that my children are affected by the pain and insults that come with fame and this profession!!!! I tried my best, but I'm only human.

Spears still pays the check for her kid's welfare

His claim that the children are separating themselves from him is untrue, and it is irresponsible to make such a claim publicly. The boys, who are intelligent and will soon be old enough to make their own decisions, may eventually recognize that having a father who hasn't worked much in over 15 years as a role model made things difficult.

Federline still receives child support payments from Spears, which, in his words, "perhaps explains the timing of these harsh statements," Asghari further chastised Federline for his "loyalty" to the former conservator Jamie Spears and for authorizing the "Toxic" singer's 13-year conservatorship. In a follow-up note, he said, "But for now: Keep my wife's name....out of your mouth." So Britney is bound with False because of Federline, but she isn't ignoring her sons.

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