Best Will smith movies on Netflix

Best Will smith movies on Netflix

Updated on November 17, 2022 13:22 PM by Laura Mendes

Will Smith, who is now 54, has been well-known for almost 30 years. Aladdin, though, was his most successful movie to date, and it came out in 2019. On August 27, that Disney remake will be available online. You can watch a number of other Will Smith movies right now on Netflix, so watch them before you decide to buy his blue genie magic.

Bad Boys 2

(Image Credits: Moviefone)

In the follow-up to Bad Boys, drug enforcement officers Mike and Marcus are entrusted with looking into a huge influx of Ecstasy tablets that are flooding Miami's streets. They are now on dangerous drug lord Johnny Tapia's radar as a result.

To find Johnny's hiding place and kill him before he grows any more strong than he currently is, the two must use their skills and their firearms.

This fantastic action-comedy has many chuckles throughout because of Mike and Marcus's divergent attitudes to problems.

Australia, Canada, South Africa, and the United States are regions where it is accessible (We recommend connecting to the US).

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(Image Credits: IMDb)

Detective Del Spooner is looking into robotics researcher Dr. Alfred Lanning's apparent suicide in the year 2035.

A plot that will transform the planet forever and pose the greatest threat humanity has ever faced is revealed to him as his inquiry deepens.

Before it's too late, Spooner links up with an unexpected ally to figure out what's going on.

This movie totally blew my head back in 2004. There are some excellent action scenes in this fantastic thriller. Additionally, it will stimulate your thoughts.

Available in the following countries: Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, Germany, and Switzerland (We recommend connecting to Germany or Hong Kong).

Men In Black

(Image Credits: VanityFair)

This movie, which came out in 1997, helped me to consider the potential of alien life in our cosmos (which they do, in fact, have).

When streetwise cop James Edwards "Agent J" is hired to work for a government organization that defends the Earth from extraterrestrial threats, he and his colleague are forced to look into a crashed UFO that turns out to be that of an alien creature that resembles a bug and intends to rule the globe.

Before the aggressive alien succeeds in carrying out his plot, they must keep one step ahead of him by using their ultra-high-tech weapons and cunning.

This film is fantastic for the whole family to see since it has the ideal balance of action and humor.

Where it is accessible, regions include South Korea, Switzerland, Hungary, Slovakia, and South Africa (We recommend connecting to South Korea).

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Bad Boys

(Image Credits: Deadline)

The Bad Boys trilogy's first installment is this one. Normally, this would be the best movie, but Bad Boys 2 was outstanding.

As you could have predicted, this film marked the beginning of Mike and Marcus's friendship.

They are forced to defend a crucial witness in the case as they are hot on the trail of a mobster who has stolen $100 million worth of heroin.

This film is full of action and very humorous scenes that will have you in stitches, just like the sequel.

Australia, Canada, the United States, and the UK are regions where it is accessible (We recommend you connect to the US or UK).

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(Image Credits: IMDb)

Have you ever wished to entice the girl or boy of your dreams?

Then, Hitch, you must employ yourself.

As a certified Date Doctor, Alex "Hitch" Hitchens assists guys in getting dates and offers advice on how the date should proceed. He really does have it down to great art, as seen by his flawless success rate.

But his methods are abandoned when he begins dating Sara, a columnist. He isn't the polished, calm businessman he typically is. Problems arise when one of Hitch's clients is the subject of Sara's most recent article.

You should see this romantic comedy with your significant other. Or, if you're single, it might provide you with some advice on the dating world.

Available in the following countries: UK, Canada, South Korea, Switzerland, and USA (We recommend you connect to the UK or US).

Men In Black 2

(Image Credits: EntertainmentWeekly)

In this masterful follow-up to the 1997 classic, Agent J and Agent K are back in action.

Since Agent K is the only person in the universe with the knowledge to battle the new evil that is endangering the Earth and the known universe, Agent J must persuade him to join the MIB when Agent K's memory is erased.

Men in Black 2 is the exception to the rule of sequels living up to the bar set by the first film.

Available in the following countries: Switzerland, Slovakia, Hungary, South Korea, and South Africa (We recommend you connect to South Korea).

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I Am Legend

(Image Credits: The Cinemaholic)

Scientist Robert Neville discovers that he is immune to the lethal virus that has turned the rest of humanity into nocturnal, deformed, zombie-like monsters on this post-apocalyptic planet. He has been surviving on his own in New York City with his dog for three years while broadcasting radio signals to any unlikely survivors.

The mutant monsters are aware of Robert but unaware of his location. They hide in the shadows and wait for him to make a mistake while they wait in the pitch-black.

Will Robert, the last chance for humanity, discover a remedy for the infection before the monsters track him down?

Switzerland, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Slovakia are regions where it is obtainable (We recommend you connect to South Korea or Hong Kong).

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The Pursuit Of Happiness

(Image Credits: Rotten Tomatoes)

Chris is forced to live on the streets with his son while looking for work after losing everything—his wife, home, money, everything.

Chris, who is homeless, manages to land a job as a stockbroker. There is just one catch: in order to get hired, he must do a six-month unpaid internship that will prepare him for the job.

This film tells a touching story based on actual occurrences. Prepare the tissues because this one will make you cry.

Available in the following countries: South Korea, the UK, Canada, Switzerland, and the United States (We recommend you connect to the UK or US).


(Image Credits: Andscape)

Will Smith plays Muhammad Ali in this film, who flies like a butterfly and stings like a bee.

The film follows Ali's life from the time he first appeared on the boxing scene in 1964 until his contentious association with Malcolm X and his decision to forgo serving in the Vietnam War. His life is brilliantly portrayed in the film, and Will Smith gives a standout performance.

The movie is for you if you enjoy boxing.

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Shark Tale

(Image Credits: IMDb)

This entertaining family comedy is an animated film with a subaquatic setting.

An underworld boss's son is discovered dead, and Oscar, the shark, is also discovered there. As the "Shark Slayer," he suddenly finds himself in the spotlight with more fame and money than he can handle.

Up until the mob starts seeking him and forces him to flee. Will he allow the truth to surface and risk losing his renown and honor?

Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, South Africa, South Korea, and Switzerland are regions where it is accessible (We recommend you connect to the UK or Canada).

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Men in Black 3

(Image Credits: Collider)

Agent J returns to complete his story arc in the third Men in Black film.

A vicious extraterrestrial prisoner named Boris the Animal escapes from a maximum-security facility on the Moon and then decides to go back to assassinate Agent K, the officer who first detained him.

In order to locate the young Agent K and avert the animal from murdering him and permanently altering the future, Agent J pursues the man into the past.

Available in the following countries: Slovakia, South Africa, South Korea, Greece, and Japan (We recommend you connect to Japan).

Seven pounds

(Image Credits: MUBI)

Ben Thomas is a person with a sinister secret.

He decides to improve the lives of seven total strangers as atonement. Nothing can stop him once his scheme is in motion.

The best-laid schemes of mice and men are said to go awry, but little did Ben anticipate that his scheme would encounter a snag when he develops feelings for one of the strangers whose life he is hoping to transform.

This inspirational story will undoubtedly stir up your emotions.

Australia, Switzerland, Germany, South Korea, and Brazil are regions where it is accessible (We recommend you connect to Germany or Australia).

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Suicide Squad

(Image Credits: WarnerBros)

Only one group of people, The Suicide Squad, can save the world when an ancient evil is unleashed.

These misfits, crooks, and outlaws are the worst of the worst. The government assembled them to serve as a disposable force that would not be missed if they failed to return from this suicide mission.

This film appeals to all fans of comic books because it features characters like Harley Quinn, Deadshot, and The Joker.

Australia, Brazil, Switzerland, South Korea, and Germany are regions where it is accessible (We recommend you connect to Australia or Germany).

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(Image Credits: IMDb)

Superhero John Hancock's drunkenness and careless errors have made him a laughing figure. Even though his acts have saved lives and he leaves a path of destruction wherever he goes, he is despised by many.

An expert in public relations feels that by saving Ray Embrey's life, he may improve Hancock's reputation and win back his admirers. But for whatever reason, Peter's wife does not want Hancock to be around her relatives.

Australia, Canada, Brazil, Switzerland, and the United States are regions where it is accessible (We recommend you connect to the United States).


(Image Credits: Cinema)

The master con artist Nicky Spurgeon is at the top of his game. They start dating after he takes on an apprentice who wants to learn from him.

After some time, Nicky comes to the conclusion that love and romance do not go well with a life of deception and falsehoods. As a result, the couple naturally broke up and did not reconnect until three years later.

When he realizes she is a victim of his most recent con, things start to become complicated.

Australia, Brazil, Switzerland, South Korea, and France are regions where it is accessible (We recommend you connect to Australia).

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Collateral Beauty

(Image Credits: The Irish Times)

A highly successful advertising executive withdraws from society after going through a terrible tragedy.

Writing letters on Love, Time, and Death gives him comfort. He didn't anticipate the many intimate replies he would receive from the receivers of these messages.

He discovers from the comments that there is beauty and meaning even with severe loss.

Australia, Brazil, France, Switzerland, Italy, and Mexico are regions where it is accessible (We recommend you connect to Australia).

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(Image Credits: The NewYorker)

Based on Dr. Bennet Omalu's real-life experiences. His discovery of CTE, a professional football brain injury brought on by concussions in American Football players, is the main plot point of this drama.

The governing bodies struggle against the doctor to discredit his findings and tarnish his reputation because they don't want the research to be made public. In this riveting film, Bennet takes on one of the most powerful syndicates in the world.

A concussion is a perfect movie for you if you enjoy watching fiction based on true stories.

Brazil, Canada, Switzerland, South Korea, Argentina, and Spain are regions where it is accessible (We recommend you connect to Canada).

Winters Tale

(Image Credits: Villains Wiki)

Peter Lake enters what he believes to be an abandoned home outside of New York City and discovers that the owner's daughter is still residing there.

The two start to fall in love, but there is a significant issue. He is slowly losing interest in the poisoned girl with whom he is falling in love.

The plot, based on Mark Helprin's book, is a fantastic fantasy romance suitable for viewing on a cold winter night.

Where it is accessible, regions include the UK, South Africa, Switzerland, Japan, India, and Italy (We recommend you connect to the UK).

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(Image Credits: VanityFair)

An LA cop and an Orc must work together to locate a potent wand before a group of bad beings do in a world where monsters and fantastical creatures are real.

The incredible team faces overwhelming odds to recover the potent wand before it's too late after getting caught up in a turf war between opposing gangs.

There is a race to find the wand, and there is plenty of action in the film. You should watch this film if you enjoy science fiction and fantasy.

Australia, Canada, Brazil, the United States, South Africa, and Switzerland are among the countries where it is obtainable (We recommend connecting to the UK or US).

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Wild West

(Image Credits: Red Magazine)

With just the right amount of robots, cowboys, and explosives. Wild Wild West is a unique western.

Jim West, a Civil War veteran with all guns blazing, teams up with Artemus Gordon, a U.S. Marshall, and inventor, to defeat Confederate lunatic Arliss Loveless before he unleashes his evil machines on the USA.

Will they be able to prevent him?

This film will undoubtedly be the antithesis of what you would expect to watch if you enjoy classic westerns.

Australian, South Korean, Swiss, Brazilian, Spanish, and Mexican regions where it is accessible (We recommend you connect to Australia).

After Earth

(Image Credits: Entertainment Weekly)

The movie After Earth is precisely what it says it is... a film based on Earth as we know it.

The organisms of Earth have evolved to be more hazardous than we could have ever imagined after millions of years without human habitation.

General Cypher Raige and his son Kitai must negotiate an unknown planet and the terrible creatures that are close on their track and determined to devour them when they crash land on Earth.

Kitai must activate a rescue beacon to signal for help before time runs out using the techniques his father has taught him.

Australia, France, Greece, Japan, Sweden, Switzerland, and Portugal are regions where it is accessible (We recommend you connect to Australia or Japan).

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