Top 20 Country Songs 2022 Best Country Music Hits This Year

Top 20 Country Songs 2022 Best Country Music Hits This Year

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Top 20 Country Songs 2022


Song Title



The Kind of Love We Make

Luke Combs


She Had Me at Heads Carolina

Cole Swindell


Something in the Orange

Zach Bryan


Damn Strait

Scotty McCreery


Son of a Sinner

Jelly Roll


Heart Like a Truck

Lainey Wilson


Fall in Love

Bailey Zimmerman


Circles Around This Town

Maren Morris


Flower Shops

Ernest (Feat. Morgan Wallen)


Wishful Drinking

Ingrid Andress and Sam Hunt


Don't Come Lookin'

Jackson Dean


5 Foot 9

Tyler Hubbard


Doin' This

Luke Combs


Wasted on You

Morgan Wallen


Note to Self

Randy Houser


Water Under the Bridge

Sam Hunt



Kelsea Ballerini



Walker Hayes


If I Was a Cowboy

Miranda Lambert


She Likes It

Russell Dickerson and Jake Scott

The Kind of Love We Make (2022)

The Kind of Love We Make (2022)

Title: The Kind of Love We Make

Artist: Luke Combs

Album: Growin' Up

Release Date: June 24, 2022

Genre: Country

Lyrics: It ain't always pretty but it's ours

Songwriters: Luke Combs, Dan Isbell, Jonathan Singleton

The title track from Luke Combs' album Growin’ Up, this country love ballad celebrates commitment and imperfect yet lasting romance. Heartfelt lyrics about weathering ups and downs together are elevated by Combs' husky, sincere vocals. Folky acoustic guitars meet pulsing bass on a lilting, organic production. It peaked at #2 on Billboard's country charts.

She Had Me at Heads Carolina (2022)

She Had Me at Heads Carolina (2022)

Title: She Had Me at Heads Carolina

Artist: Cole Swindell

Album: Stereotype

Release Date: April 8, 2022

Genre: Country

Lyrics: She had me at Heads Carolina Tails California

Songwriters: Cole Swindell, Jessie Jo Dillon, Mark Holman

Cole Swindell pays homage to classic 90s country pop with this easygoing nostalgic tune. Clever lyrics reference familiar hits as relationship metaphors. Captivating harmonica and laid-back acoustic guitar support Swindell's smooth vocals. It reached #1 on the country charts blending old and new styles seamlessly.

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Something in the Orange (2022)

Something in the Orange (2022)

Title: Something in the Orange

Artist: Zach Bryan

Album: American Heartbreak

Release Date: May 20, 2022

Genre: Country

Lyrics: God blessed the boys 'before the worry set in

Songwriter: Zachary Lane Bryan

Rising star Zach Bryan delivers a raw, poetic character study on this stoic country ballad. Wistful electric guitar complements Bryan’s gritty spoken vocals. Cinematic lyrics explore a weary yet resilient working-class perspective. It became Bryan’s first country radio #1 hit and a fan favorite.

Damn Strait (2022)

Damn Strait (2022)

Title: Damn Strait

Artist: Scotty McCreery

Album: Same Truck

Release Date: September 16, 2022

Genre: Country

Lyrics: Playing it on repeat like Old Hank and Willie

Songwriters: Frank Rogers, Monty Criswell, Derek George

Damn Strait celebrates iconic country legend George Strait through amusing lyrics and energetic instrumentation. McCreery’s deep vocals smoothly belt over blended acoustic and electric guitars. Upbeat choruses praise Strait’s music for getting listeners through tough times. It exemplified McCreery’s tradition-honoring sound.

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Son of a Sinner (2022)

Son of a Sinner (2022)

Title: Son of a Sinner

Artist: Jelly Roll

Album: Ballads of the Broken

Release Date: December 10, 2021

Genre: Country rap

Lyrics: Mama was a sinner, Daddy was a sin

Songwriter: Jason DeFord

Jelly Roll blends country storytelling with hip-hop production in this cathartic chronicle of his upbringing. Hard-hitting beats mix with acoustic guitar as he reflects on paternal absence and maternal vices. Gritty yet melodic vocals deliver his origin story with both pain and triumph. It became his first country radio chart-topper.

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Heart Like a Truck (2022)

Heart Like a Truck (2022)

Title: Heart Like a Truck

Artist: Lainey Wilson

Album: Sayin' What I'm Thinkin'

Release Date: February 11, 2022

Genre: Country

Lyrics: My heart rolls like a freight train

Songwriters: Lainey Wilson, Dallas Wilson, Melissa Fuller, Ben Johnson

Energetic production with driving percussion backs Lainey Wilson’s powerhouse vocals on this rowdy country track. Clever lyrics compare a resilient wild heart to a rugged truck. Wilson’s signature style of blending traditional and contemporary country connected widely. It was her first #1 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart.

Fall in Love (2022)

Fall in Love (2022)

Title: Fall in Love

Artist: Bailey Zimmerman

Album: Fall in Love - EP

Release Date: May 6, 2022

Genre: Pop country

Lyrics: Why's it feel so good to be so damn sad?

Songwriters: Bailey Zimmerman, David Garcia, Raquel Sofia

Rising singer-songwriter Bailey Zimmerman captured millennial angst in this melancholy acoustic ballad. Moody evocative lyrics explore depression and loneliness. Zimmerman’s husky, emotive vocals shine over muted guitar picking and minimal production. The song became a sleeper hit on country radio in 2022 despite its dark tone.

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Circles Around This Town (2022)

Circles Around This Town (2022)

Title: Circles Around This Town

Artist: Maren Morris

Album: Humble Quest

Release Date: March 25, 2022

Genre: Country pop

Lyrics: Driving circles around this town with you

Songwriters: Maren Morris, Ryan Hurd, Julia Michaels, Justin Tranter

Maren Morris fondly recalls young love on this breezy country-pop jam. Cheerful rhythmic guitars pair with Morris’ smooth floating vocals. Lyrics reminisce about cruising around with an ex-flame. Her flair for blending crossover melodies and clever songwriting made this track a standout.

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Flower Shops (2022)

Flower Shops (2022)

Title: Flower Shops (feat. Morgan Wallen)

Artists: Ernest, Morgan Wallen

Album: Flower Shops (The Album)

Release Date: October 28, 2022

Genre: Country

Lyrics: At the alter waiting on her arrival

Songwriters: Ernest, Morgan Wallen, Ben Burgess, Jacob Durrett, Joey Hyde

Breakout singer Ernest teamed up with Morgan Wallen on this charming picturesque country love song. Homey fiddle and interweaving vocal parts create down-home harmonies. Heartfelt lyrics follow a wedding day comparing nerves to flower shops. The wholesome writing struck a chord on country radio becoming Ernest's first #1.

Wishful Drinking (2022)

Wishful Drinking (2022)

Title: Wishful Drinking (feat. Sam Hunt)

Artists: Ingrid Andress, Sam Hunt

Album: Good Person

Release Date: August 26, 2022

Genre: Country pop

Lyrics: If lonely was an old friend, I'd be in good company

Songwriters: Ingrid Andress, Sam Hunt, Emily Weisband, Jordan Schmidt

Ingrid Andress and Sam Hunt trade melancholy verses on this moody country pop duet. Blending R&B beats and subtle pop hooks, Wishful Drinking has an atmospheric late-night vibe. Andress and Hunt's haunting harmonies detail drinking to forget the heartache. Andress' vulnerable songwriting shone on this sparse production.

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Don't Come Lookin' (2022)

Don't Come Lookin' (2022)

Title: Don't Come Lookin'

Artist: Jackson Dean

Album: Jackson Dean

Release Date: July 15, 2022

Genre: Traditional Country

Lyrics: Go on and lose my number, leave the hall light off

Songwriters: Jackson Dean, Carson Chamberlain, Jake Etheridge

On his traditionalist debut single, Jackson Dean asserts his independence after a split. Simple production lets his resonant baritone shine as he affirms closure. Steel guitar laces the background of this unsentimental ballad. Dean's classic influences from the '90s country era proved appealing to fans on country radio in 2022.

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5 Foot 9 (2022)

5 Foot 9 (2022)

Title: 5 Foot 9

Artist: Tyler Hubbard

Album: Tyler Hubbard

Release Date: January 7, 2022

Genre: Country pop

Lyrics: You’re five foot nine, and I’m six three

Songwriters: Tyler Hubbard, Jaren Johnston, Chase McGill

Former Florida Georgia Line member Tyler Hubbard goes solo on this easygoing tune about love between mismatched heights. Cheerful guitar strums buoy playful lyrics and a hummable melody. Hubbard's smooth vocals and knack for pop crossover hooks shone on this upbeat standalone single. It reached #1 on country radio.

Doin' This (2022)

Doin' This (2022)

Title: Doin' This

Artist: Luke Combs

Album: Growin' Up

Release Date: June 24, 2022

Genre: Country

Lyrics: Can't believe we've come this far

Songwriters: Luke Combs, Drew Parker, Robert Williford

The debut single from Luke Combs' third record, Doin' This appreciates journeying through life with a partner. Folky acoustics meet Combs' husky baritone on the optimistic tune. Homey harmonica and celebratory lyrics craft a grateful love song. It kickstarted the album rollout on a high note, quickly hitting #1 on country radio.

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Wasted on You (2022)

Wasted on You (2022)

Title: Wasted on You

Artist: Morgan Wallen

Album: Dangerous: The Double Album

Release Date: January 8, 2021

Genre: Country

Lyrics: I ain’t wasted the night, I'm wasted on you

Songwriters: Morgan Wallen, Ernest Keith Smith, Ryan Vojtesak

Wasted on You continued to earn Morgan Wallen success into 2022 though originally released in 2021. Layered guitars cushion Wallen's raspy reflections on a failed romance's lingering impact. His dynamic vocals lead the melody's build from subdued verses to a sweeping chorus. It topped Billboard's Hot Country Songs chart for multiple weeks.

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Note to Self (2022)

Note to Self (2022)

Title: Note to Self

Artist: Randy Houser

Album: Note to Self

Release Date: January 28, 2022

Genre: Country

Lyrics: Don’t wait on tomorrow, go on and live today

Songwriters: Randy Houser, Westin Davis, John King

Randy Houser's rich baritone shines on this introspective track reminding listeners to embrace the present. The mid-tempo production layers bluesy guitar licks and organ strains. Houser wrote the song as a letter of advice to his former self. His mastery of contemplative country songwriting made this a standout single.

Water Under the Bridge (2022)

Water Under the Bridge (2022)

Title: Water Under the Bridge

Artist: Sam Hunt

Album: Southside

Release Date: April 3, 2020

Genre: Country pop

Lyrics: Much more than a memory, there's water under the bridge

Songwriters: Zach Crowell, Jerry Flowers, Sam Hunt, Josh Osborne

Sam Hunt's pop-influenced single gained traction at country radio in 2022 though originally released in 2020. Regretful lyrics examine a broken relationship with hindsight. Hunt's smooth vocals pair with electronic and traditional instruments for crossover appeal. This slice of signature Hunt melody won over fans two years after its debut.

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Heartfirst (2022)

Heartfirst (2022)

Title: Heartfirst

Artist: Kelsea Ballerini

Album: Subject to Change

Release Date: September 23, 2022

Genre: Country pop

Lyrics: Fell in love with my heart first, didn't see you coming

Songwriters: Kelsea Ballerini, Julia Michaels, Justin Tranter

Kelsea Ballerini captured 2022's zeitgeist of self-love with this uplifting country-pop anthem. Dance beats propel the motivational lyrics sung with Ballerini's airy expressive vocals. She wrote the song during her divorce affirming choosing herself first. The hot single became Ballerini's eighth #1 on country radio.

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AA (2022)

AA (2022)

Title: AA

Artist: Walker Hayes

Album: Country Stuff The Album

Release Date: September 16, 2022

Genre: Country rap

Lyrics: Broke down, broke down in Alabamy

Songwriter: Walker Hayes

Walker Hayes injects wry humor into a country rap tune about his RV breaking down. Amusing lyrics incorporate recovery group terminology as vehicle wordplay. Hayes' distinctive vocal tone sells the silly song concept over honky tonk piano. It added hilarity to country radio playlists in 2022.

If I Was a Cowboy (2022)

If I Was a Cowboy (2022)

Title: If I Was a Cowboy

Artist: Miranda Lambert

Album: Palomino

Release Date: April 29, 2022

Genre: Country

Lyrics: Ride off into the sunset if I was a cowboy

Songwriters: Miranda Lambert, Luke Dick, Natalie Hemby

Modern icon Miranda Lambert imagines running off out west to live a cowboy's life in this cinematic country fantasy. Twangy guitar and saloon piano create a Western soundtrack feel. Lambert's storytelling and imagery shine on the daydreamy single which captured fans everywhere as her first solo #1 hit in years.

She Likes It (2022)

She Likes It (2022)

Title: She Likes It (with Russell Dickerson)

Artists: Jake Scott, Russell Dickerson

Album: She Likes It - Single

Release Date: April 14, 2022

Genre: Country pop

Lyrics: She likes it when I call in the middle of the day

Songwriters: Jake Scott, Russell Dickerson, Casey Brown, Jon Nite

New artist Jake Scott teams up with Russell Dickerson to toast everyday romance on this cheerful country-pop love song. Chiming acoustic guitars, hand claps, and whistling instrumentation give a lighthearted feel. Their charming lyrics offer appreciation for a lover's quirks. It quickly cracked country radio's top ten upon its springtime release.

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