Before leaving Salem, Sami spills Belle's secret to Shawn and has harsh words for EJ

Before leaving Salem, Sami spills Belle's secret to Shawn and has harsh words for EJ

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Sami" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Sami is discovered by Marlena reading an Intruder story about Lucas's arrest in the morning. Sami warns that if she starts sobbing, she won't be able to stop, despite Marlena's encouragement for her to express her emotions.

After she stormed out of the chapel, Marlena queries where she went. Sami relates how she went to see EJ while he was having sex with Belle" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Belle. Marlena, who is in shock, begs Sami to refrain from attacking her sister in her rage. She'll only cause herself harm. Sami rushes out of the room as soon as Marlena exits.

Kate hired the top defense attorney!

In the questioning room, Kate gives Lucas coffee, but he doesn't want her to see him that way. Kate doesn't either, which is why she recruited the Midwest's top defense attorney. She is confident he will prevail. Not if I enter a guilty plea, he answers. Lucas insists that he must accept responsibility for this despite her objections.

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Brady visit Tate

Brady visits Tate before heading to Chloe's Salem Inn room. He notices a soiled bed and two wine glasses as she plays coy. He queries whether anyone is in the restroom out of suspicion. Up until Belle leaves in a robe, Chloe plays into his resentment seductively.

Before Belle tells Brady everything that occurred with Sami, Brady arrogantly tells her that things aren't working out with EJ. Brady is aware that their sister won't keep it a secret and will act in retaliation. Belle understands that she has to go inform Shawn by herself. Brady thinks that she still has time.

Chloe says Belle and Shawn may resolve their Issues

Chloe says Belle and Shawn may resolve their issues once Belle has left. Brady responds that her marriage could be finished for real this time because of Jan and EJ. Later, he gives Chloe a pearl necklace as a token of his love and longing for her. As he places it on her, he kisses her neck. As they begin to make love, they pull each other's clothing off.

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Roman stops by the Mansion to see EJ

Roman stops by the mansion to see EJ. He should apologize to him, even if it's difficult for him to speak. EJ giggles as they move into an unexplored area. Roman acknowledges that he erred in passing quick judgment on Lucas and that he was even more incorrect about him.

EJ notes that everyone was duped by Lucas. Not Kate responds, but Roman. Roman cautions EJ not to impose his laws while he examines this knowledge.

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What did the Police officer Show up?

A police officer shows up at the station to take Lucas to the arraignment. Lucas tells his mother to go home to the squad room, but Kate wants to stay there for him.

As Lucas is dragged away, EJ accompanies them. EJ, who is arrogant, stops Kate as she attempts to leave as well. She doesn't back down when he strikes her. She inquires as to his plans for her.

She will have to wait until he feels logical and cruel enough to have chosen her destiny since, according to him, vengeance is a dish best served cold. He leaves.

Kalya and Steve assist their Nephew

Kayla and Steve assist their nephew with baby monitors and stroller assembly at Shawn's. Kayla rushes to the crying infant to see how he is doing. Shawn slumps to a chair out of exhaustion.

Shawn enjoys how Steve and Kayla are not making a big deal out of things as Belle does. Since the youngster is Bo's grandson, Steve makes the point that both Shawns will always be associated with them. Shawn goes to get them drinks even though it is nine in the morning.

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