Avoid Texts That Say 'RIP Oprah,' Oprah Winfrey is still alive

Avoid Texts That Say 'RIP Oprah,' Oprah Winfrey is still alive

Updated on July 23, 2022 14:30 PM by Anna P

An SMS hoax targeted Oprah

In response to an unsettling text message that read "RIP OPRAH" and included a clicking link that had been flooded with crowds of people, rumors of her death spread quickly across social media platforms.

Several people were alarmed on July 21, 2022, after a text message that said, "RIP Oprah." Oprah Winfrey of the television program is still alive. There's no reason to freak out. Oprah Winfrey is still alive.

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The Speculation That Oprah Winfrey Is Dead Is False

When they received a message on their phone that said, "RIP Oprah," along with a link asking them to click on it to confirm the death, the rumor of Oprah's passing quickly began. After reading the statement, many viewers were convinced that something had occurred to Oprah.

Some people who have embraced social media are even talking about the same thing there, although Oprah is alive. We request that you avoid responding to the text you received because it might be a hoax. Oprah's team confirmed that she is in good health and alive.

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How is Oprah Winfrey currently faring

It is no secret that Oprah Winfrey is constantly active on one of her official social media accounts. She is active on all her official social media accounts and frequently retweets. Nevertheless, she hasn't been active on social media because of the loss of her father and good grief. His daughter's father was Vernon Winfrey, and due to their bond, he was very close to her.

Upcoming projects from Oprah

There was also a lot going on with Oprah's upcoming Weird Al Yankovic biopic, also known as "The Weird: Al Yankovic Story," which will chronicle the musician's extraordinary life. Seeing this movie in a theatre is recommended because Quinta Brunson will be in it. It should be adequate.

Quinta was the first to disclose the first glimpse at the Weird Al biopic following photos she shared on social media with her friends and Daniel Radcliffe, who portrays Weird Al.

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Social media can spread rumors

It is very well known now that the rise in social media usage as a critical news source is to blame for death hoaxes' rising popularity. As soon as others started talking about the text they had received, they had a similar event.

The fact that a famous person has experienced this kind of Death hoax. Other people with similar experiences in the past include Tom Holland, Will Smith, and others.

The bad news is a piece of joyful information

 SMS Hoax is not valid. There is absolutely no need for concern over Oprah. She is now performing well and completing her projects as usual. Please feel free to comment below with your ideas.

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