Astounding Facts About Marilee Fiebig Revealed By T.J. Holmes

Astounding Facts About Marilee Fiebig Revealed By T.J. Holmes

Updated on December 15, 2022 12:52 PM by Michael Davis

Anchor T.J. Holmes has recently shared his affection, admiration, and love for his wife, Marilee Fiebig, after getting married in 2010. Holmes wrote, 'I have a better partner who advises, looks out for me, stays away from the mistake and directs me on the right track. 

He added, 'Fiebig brought positive changes in my life at the core. My family and I are nearer, and my net worth has increased yearly since we connected. I am now healthier, learning a second language, and using the N-word less. I attend Sunday church service and have a better friend. I am forgiving more and involved in charitable contributions. 

The previous MSNBC correspondent commented on Facebook in March 2020, 'If Fiebig gives me the next 10 weeks, I will grateful and believe myself lucky. But if she gives me 10 minutes of her time today, I feel blessed.' 

T.J. Holmes Applauded Fiebig For Her Mind-blogging works 


T.J. Holmes credited his wife for lifting his life in various ways. Marilee Fiebig aided him in turning out to be a successful man. Although Fiebig was a big-time lawyer, she had enough time to help the community. As a mother, she takes care of her little ones very seriously.  

She worked as 'Chief Diversity Officer' in 2021 for saving the Kids. She led the inclusion and diversity initiatives by ensuring that all the employees would feel valued and treasured despite their gender, sexual orientation, and race. 
Fiebig also worked on 'the Board of Trustees at the 'Brooklyn Independent Middle School' and serves as a leader to unlock potential through mentorship of helping women of color. 

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Marilee Fiebig promotes Empowerment and Positivity

Fiebig used to be a fruitful attorney in Atlanta who focused on immigration law and helped Holmes become an Attorney. Fiebig said to Marie Claire, 'I was a Democratic-Republican from Congo. My dad and mother are in Peace Corps, and my mother wanted me and my siblings to benefit from educational opportunities. 
Identifying the challenges she encountered as a 'person of color,' Feibig ensures her daughter, Sabina, to equip with life's challenges and gives the best parenting hopes and styles to her daughter while she is growing up. She explained, 'As I go through daily challenges, I wish to ensure that the societal messages will not limit my kid's dream. 
'I want my kid to be curious and confident while asking questions, giving replies, and raising her voice to the public. I like to be my daughter as first, kind, and foremost," said Fiebig.  

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