Ashley and Traci's War, Abbott Family Feud Spoilers

Ashley and Traci's War, Abbott Family Feud Spoilers

Updated on July 16, 2022 14:54 PM by Andrew Koschiev

The unfair thing for the granddaughter

As Ashley" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Ashley blindsides Jack with her actions, Traci might also be caught up in the situation, considering she wants peace and does not want to take sides. If Ashley does anything unfair towards his granddaughter Allie Nguyen, she could trigger rage from Jack.

The founder and director of the laboratory

Her late father, Keemo Volien Abbott, aka Hao Nguyen II, is the founder and director of the Jabot laboratory. Allie may have become quite fond of Ashley, but many workplaces do not hire relatives because it can cause mistakes and compromise objective thinking.

When one of her employees makes a mistake, Ashley may give them a scathing review to tell them what they do wrong, but Allie may take it personally, leading to Ashley coming under fire from Jack soon.

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The discovery by the Jack

Jack will discover something significant during the week of July 18, which won't be good; it will turn his world upside down. Jack hasn't gotten close enough to Diana Jenkins to warrant his rage over Ashley doing or saying something offensive about her.

Traci will probably also get caught up in this situation more than Diane since this is more likely to be about Allie than Diane. It will be upsetting for Jack and Traci if Ashley unintentionally hurts Allie's feelings at work or if she is too hard on her.

The uncomfortable feeling of Allie

Allie may feel uncomfortable when Ashley compares Allie's work with Keemo's at the same age, causing a rift between the two. Traci and Jack want Allie close to them, and Jack wants her to stay in Genoa City, regardless of how often Traci comes and goes. It would be very disappointing for Jack and Traci if Ashley threatened Allie enough to scare her back to Los Angeles.

Since Jack and Keemo never resolved things between themselves, he'd have even more incredible difficulty, and subconsciously he'd have to think about making up with Allie.

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The reason for allowing her

When Jack saw Kyle had allowed Diane to make up for lost time with Kyle, it was probably that he was letting her. On the other hand, Traci appears to have maternal feelings for Allie, possibly in remembrance of her late daughter Colleen.

The odds are that Ashley has no intention of offending Allie if she does make an appearance too strong at the Jabot lab and upsets her in any way. A personality clash might be at the root of this, and the two of them are taking things in the wrong way because of the way they perceive each other.

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The relationship with the hard work

Traci and Jack seem more sensitive than Allie, whereas Ashley is experienced but somewhat cynical and stern compared to Allie. As opposite personality types, those two have a difficult time relating to one another and have to work extra hard at their relationship since they cannot understand one another.

Ashley and Jack got a clash

Whatever the outcome, Jack will jump to Allie's defense and Traci's, and in the process, Ashley will also clash with Jack while she is trying to defend Allie. Don't miss what's happening with Young and Restless at the moment.

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