An unplanned sight of Micheal going live in concert of Foo Fighters

An unplanned sight of Micheal going live in concert of Foo Fighters

Updated on August 15, 2023 12:23 PM by Andrew Koschiev

Who doesn’t know Foo Fighters as their songs are always a hit and the vibe in their concerts is quite amazing. Foo Fighters is an American band with Grohl as a prominent figure. It was one of their concerts in San Francisco when Grohl had all eyes on him and he started to jam with the audience. Similar to Foo Fighters, Micheal Buble is another hit figure in the music industry and has a great fan following due to his melodious voice and his energy during live concerts.  

A sign board held by a fan in the audience and Micheal Buble’s surprising appearance on the show

While Grohl continued to speak to his audience, he kept them engaged for a long time where he spoke about different aspects. His audience seemed to enjoy the show and while he began his conversation with the fans gathered on the floor. Initially, he began to introduce his drummer from the band and sugar-coated the person and his skills of drumming saying that he’s been doing it for a long time. Soon after that, the band randomly started to call out his fans on the stage and wanted them to have a karaoke session with him. While he was calling fans from the floor by his own choice, he uninterruptedly asked if anybody has heard that song named ‘Haven’t met you yet’ which originally is sung by the very famous Micheal Buble. While many of them were beginning to reply to his question, he said that maybe none of you have heard that (f) song. While he was waiting to get answers from the audience, he randomly chose a fan who was holding a signboard on which was written ‘I love Buble’. This gained his attention because originally this song was sung by Buble. Just when Grohl called that person on stage, he got a shocking surprise that it was Micheal Buble who was holding that sign board. The real surprise begins when Micheal Buble is overtaken by the Foo Fighters and starts to sing his song with all the charm. Little did Grohl know that the gentry already knew the song and enjoyed it to the core along with the same old drummer who used to drum for Micheal Buble’s band. 


Now that Grohl had all the guilt of publicly criticizing Micheal Buble, he had a fair idea that it was the right time to turn the tables. He jokingly converted the conversation in such a way that it didn’t look like he regretted what he just said two minutes away. He mentioned that Buble travelled from Argentina just today to sing that song along with the audience.

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