An offensive costume of Marge Simpson puts Cardi B in a legal lawsuit

An offensive costume of Marge Simpson puts Cardi B in a legal lawsuit

Updated on November 28, 2022 16:46 PM by Andrew Koschiev

For recreating Cardi B's Halloween creation, Italian artist Alessandro Palombo, who has transformed 'The Simpsons' through his art, vowed to take legal action. As she posed as Marge Simpson in a cut-out outfit that revealed her butt cleavage in her October 31 Instagram post, he claimed she was never permitted to use or recreate his art. She posted a picture of the contemporary pop artist but did not mention the contemporary pop artist in her post, whose real name is Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar. Palombo's dress was inspired by French designer Thierry Mugler, whom she mentioned in her statement.

Conversation via social media

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Cardi B was not responding to Palombo, he said in an Instagram post. The collaborators and Mrs. Cardi B have not Inquired about utilizing the artwork and were granted permission to do so, they have not mentioned the artist or credited them, violating Meta's policy on intellectual property rights. He is still waiting to hear back.

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An iconic transformation

It is a creation of artist Alessandro Palombo that Cardi B published without credit to Marge Simpson wearing a Thierry Mugler dress. The work is part of the 'Marge Simpson Style Icon' series created in 2013 by the Italian artist to transform Marge into a style icon. Through the most iconic moments in fashion costume over the last 100 years, a work about women's emancipation and gender equality.

The social media post

Moreover, the post reads, "Cardi B and her collaborators used my art without my permission, debasing its original meaning and using it only to increase their image with a commercial purpose that doesn't have anything to do with the social awareness that has always marked my work." Cardi B was served a formal notice, according to Claudio Volpi, a lawyer with Palombo, warning that legal action would follow if she complied with the demands.

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