Amy Robach and TJ Holmes were spotted getting cozy at the airport

Amy Robach and TJ Holmes were spotted getting cozy at the airport

Updated on December 28, 2022 10:35 AM by Michael Davis

Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes, co-anchors of Good Morning America, appear to be maintaining a strong romantic relationship. According to photos published by The Daily Mail after the GMA3 stars were pulled from their flight after news of their relationship broke, they got cozy at the Atlanta airport the day after Christmas after announcing their relationship.

They stand together in the photos as they pass through the terminal Monday, Holmes, 45, and Robach, 49, wrapping each other around one another in one photo. Photos of their couple getaway last month revealed that the journalists are romanced, despite being legally married to other people.

Several dramas surround their personal lives

(Image Credits: The New York Times)

A few weeks after the scandal broke, Holmes and Holmes briefly returned to GMA, alluding to the drama surrounding their personal lives. "It's too bad it's Friday," Holmes joked during the show. Robach replied, "Let me speak for myself: I am very excited about going to the beach this weekend." "The week has been great, so hoping it continues."

A call from ABC News President Kim Godwin on Dec. 5 informed staff of the cancellation. Godwin told The Hollywood Reporter that while the relationship does not violate ABC News policy, he had spent the past few days thinking about and considering what he thought was in the best interests of ABC News, according to a source who listened to the call.

Holmes and Robach do not publicly discuss their relationship

As you know, the priorities we all share here at ABC are the people we make decisions about. These decisions aren't easy, they're not knee-jerk, but they're necessary for the brand." Robach and Holmes have not publicly discussed their relationship or the status of their marriages – despite reports that both separated last summer from their spouses.

As stepparents to each other's collective five children, Robach and Andrew Shue have been married since 2010. Shue removed all photographs with Robach from his Instagram account after the scandal. His wife, Marilee Fiebig and Holmes have a daughter, and they also have two children with Amy Ferson, his first wife.

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