Amy Halterman's Horrific Parenting Style is being questioned by 1000Lb Sisters Fans again

Amy Halterman's Horrific Parenting Style is being questioned by 1000Lb Sisters Fans again

Updated on August 01, 2022 12:22 PM by Andrew Koschiev

As a result of weight loss surgery, Amy Halterman was able to fulfill her dream of becoming a mom. She was willing to go to any length for the 1000 Lb Sisters star. Thus, despite warnings from her doctors, she welcomed her first son into the world, Gage Halterman.

Her second baby, Glenn, was born later in the year, and she shared images of him on social media. However, fans are unable to ignore the horror in the pictures. What is Amy doing to her kids? Amy and her family are delighted to welcome baby Glenn.

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She was not in any discomfort when he arrived, and even the C-section went well. Her second baby has been featured in a series of pictures posted by her mother since then. It seems that even big-bro Gage enjoys the company of his younger brother.

Fans of 1000 Lb Sisters could see the great bond between the siblings in Amy's latest post. It's more important that Amy and Michael are doing well and don't make any mistakes that might put them at risk.

There is one defect, however, that onlookers cannot ignore. Two pictures were posted by the reality star, and the second one sent chills down the spines of her fans.

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Amy captioned the photo when she posted it, indicating she and Michael were beside the kids. Fans of 1000 Lb Sisters, however, aren't happy with the second snap. Amy and Michael are wonderful parents, but TLC viewers can't avoid the second snap.

On the couch, Gage and Glenn were sleeping soundly. There were multiple stains on the couch the fans were sitting on, and it crept them. Others pointed out that Amy had made the same mistake twice.

Gage was the first to experience this. This time, however, many viewers feel that those making such mistakes should cut the couple some slack. In addition, some believe a newborn baby should not be placed in a dirty environment. The reason for this is that newborns are prone to catching germs and infections.

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Amy's fans have noted that cleaning hasn't been a top priority. As she tries to do her best, many are ready to give her a break this time. Several viewers have shared their thoughts about the couple's parenting style on 1000 Lb Sisters. Amy shared pictures of the dirty mess behind Gage when he was born.

Gage's pillow was covered with leftover food and dirt, and there was no bedspread over himThe mother once covered Gage's crib with many sheets, and the viewers immediately advised her to remove the blankets to prevent asphyxiation.

Because Amy's parenting style has been a concern before, fans are once again concerned about the new baby. Do you agree or disagree with it? Comment below and let us know what you think.

source: tv season spoilers.

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