'America's Got Talent features a moving performance by a school shooting survivor

'America's Got Talent features a moving performance by a school shooting survivor

Updated on July 30, 2022 16:59 PM by Emily Hazel

The courageous Shooting star

Sometimes viewing "America's Got Talent" is better for watching remarkable courage than extraordinary performances. With her breathtaking performance of Lauren Daigle's "Remember," eighteen-year-old Ava Swiss demonstrated talent and bravery on America's Got talent.

The shooting survivor is brave due to the incident

It takes courage to perform on a big platform like America's Got Talent. Swiss had the singing ability and theatrical flair to leave a lasting impact. But the motivation behind her song selection made it even more potent. Swiss explained to judge Simon Cowell that she picked this song since she and her brother took part in the Oxford school shooting on November 30. "Four of our pupils passed away, while seven others, including a teacher, were hurt."

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It was a traumatic experience for the Shooting's survival

Justin Shilling, 17, one of the four teenagers, died, and Swiss revealed they had been close friends. The prospect of returning to school seemed unattainable due to the trauma of such loss and enduring a terrifying (though regrettably not unimaginable) experience. Swiss is a brave survivor. There's no way my brother and I will ever set foot inside the school. We declared as we were talking to each other, she told the judges.

Catastrophes are common

The high school senior's audition had already been recorded before America's most recent wave of open gunshots. Undoubtedly, the fact that these catastrophes are so frequent is distressing. After returning to school for around two months, Swiss said that she and her brother received a standing ovation for their impressive singing. Surviving the Shooting taught her a lot, and now she performs at America Got Talent.

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Informed her, Mandel

It's brave of the shooting survival to go beyond and perform at America Got Talent. Every human being should find inspiration in your ability to overcome that and shine like you did today. Of course, this was before the competition's next round was unanimously approved. If the unanimous praise from all four judges wasn't enough, Oxford High classmates also contributed a deluge of heartfelt comments to the YouTube video. Now shooting survival took a courageous step to perform at America Got Talent. 

One person stated

"Hello, fellow Oxford High School student. I'll be replaying this performance for years to come. It was incredible and breathtakingly gorgeous, giving me goosebumps. I cried a lot, but it also gave me a lot of strength. It was something I didn't know I needed. I'm incredibly proud of our neighborhood and Ava for sharing her voice with the world and easing the pain of our healing process. Keep fighting, Oxford. Going on the stage of America Got Talent and baring your soul is difficult, especially after a tragedy. Even before she sang a single note, Swiss' per

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