Singer Katy Perry split her pants on American Idol

Singer Katy Perry split her pants on American Idol

Updated on March 30, 2022 18:59 PM by Andrew Koschiev

Katy Perry

Katy Perry sang the perfect song on "American Idol."In Monday's episode, Perry performed an earlier version of his hit song "Teenage Dream" as he bent over the dance floor and sewn his pants apart.Appropriately, when she was singing about "skinny jeans," her red leather pants were torn."They were defeated," joked fellow judge Luke Bryan as Perry came up with a quick solution to his sartorial dilemma.

Perry asked

As the audience watched in shock, Perry asked, "Can I have some tape?"After several strategically bright yellow strips of yellow coffer tape, Berry's pants were (almost) new.After Perry instructed them to "tape my butt," the team members taped the area with yellow duct tape.

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"American Idol

The "American Idol" judge apologized and sat down at the table.Perry saw the humor of the incident on Instagram, saying, "Ima get ur heart racing in my skintight jeans on #americanidol tonight tune in now for a RIPPING good time."

Fan commented

One fan added, "You tear your pants off every season."In her first season in 2018, he similarly split his pants and asked the crew to do "my butt tape."Before her latest split moment, Perry took to Instagram to show off her outfit.Perry outfit with a vintage leopard-print Just Cavalli corset top, zebra-striped Bottega Veneta sandals, Ben-Amun jewelry, and lace-up Drome pants.

On Instagram

Perry posed in his red leather pants and animal print bustier before his wardrobe broke down.Perry picked up the on-screen style slip - as he recently told Page Six Style, "I always take a fashion risk, but I'm not upset."

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