All the 90 Day Fiance stars who showed up with their exes on the show

All the 90 Day Fiance stars who showed up with their exes on the show

Updated on August 22, 2022 19:37 PM by Sally Harbor

As some 90 Day Fiancé stars to search for everlasting love, others seem stuck in the past as they introduce their old lovers to their new partners.

It's difficult for some stars to move on from the past

The 90-Day Fiancé franchise is well-known for its storyline twists and turbulent romances, but some stars add another dimension by bringing their ex-spouses into the story.

The well-known franchise couples go to great lengths to bring their foreign loves to America so they can start their new lives together.

On the other hand, some celebrities find it difficult to put the past in the past and choose to present their current relationship to their ex-partners.

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Three couples brought their exes to the show in the last season alone. In the past, it wasn't that uncommon for exes to be in the picture, especially if they had children involved.

For instance, in season 7 of 90 Day, Fiancé Michael Jensen not only had a strong relationship with his ex-wife, Sarah Nas, for the sake of their kids, but they were so close that she also officiated Michael's new marriage ceremony.

However, to some viewers, the lingering connection only adds to the turmoil of the K-1 visa process and the relationships.

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On the other hand, including exes in the show adds an interesting dynamic since most partners are uncomfortable with the idea, and the situation continues, even though exes are often blind to the boundaries.

With exes appearing on the show, fans can't help but wonder whether the couples are on the right path and are truly working to create a future with their new partners or whether they're holding on to an old connection they're not ready to end yet. Nonetheless, some 90-Day Fiancé stars and their exes stick out more than others.

Kara Bass and Kris Wayne, Ariela Weinberg And Leandro Fosque, who brought their relationship back in the show 

In Season 9 of the show, Kara Bass appeared with her fiancé, Guillermo Rojer. During their 90 days on the show, the couple attended Kara's high school reunion, where they awkwardly bumped into Kara's ex, Kris Wayne.

The three of them sat down to chat, which led to Kris revealing the true reason behind their split up, which was Kara's unfaithfulness in their relationship.

The news surprised Guillermo, who questioned why Kara didn't mention the cheating earlier. Alas, the interactions didn't end there.

Kris appeared again on the first episode of the spin-off of the same show called Tell All and by his antics by sharing more personal details about their relationship.

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While Ariels Weinberg is renowned for her envious outbursts, she has made some questionable choices. She and Leandro Fosque, stars of 90 Day Fiancé, divorced after ten years of marriage, yet their close relationship has endured.

Ari not only still participates in family outings and get-togethers but also consults with him in difficult situations.

Leandro seemed too at ease inquiring about Ari's menstrual cycle and potential pregnancy only this past season. Along with her, he cheerfully went wedding dress shopping.

Ari insists that she should be permitted to maintain communication with her best friend despite Biniyam Shibre's apparent displeasure with the circumstance.

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Bilal Hazziez, Shahidah Salaam and Biniyam Shibre, Tsion Getaneh, and their quirky story 

Despite their separation, Bilal Hazziez and his ex-wife Shahidah Salaam actively co-parent their two children. But that didn’t stop Shahidah from taking the initiative and confronting Shaeeda Sween, his current fiancée, in 90 Day Fiancé.

At Bilal's home, Shahidah showed up and questioned Shaeeda about her plans for her ex-husband and their kids. It makes sense to get to know the woman who will be caring for your children, but Shahidah went a step further and asked the woman why she wasn't willing to sign the prenup.

Even though Shaeeda seemed much more accepting and understanding of Bilal's ex, it nonetheless soured their friendship.

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Bini is insecure about Ari and Leandro's relationship, but he has a friendship with an ex. Tsion Getanah was his ex-girlfriend from before his first marriage.

In his defense, at the time they worked together dancing, the comments he made about their relationship were an attempt to trigger Ari.

However, that didn't change how close 90 Day Fiancé's Bini and Tsion remained or that she might still have feelings for her ex.

Although it appears the three worked together to smooth over any rough edges in their relationship, fans can't help but wonder which is the pot and which is the kettle.

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Previous connections are unavoidable, on the one hand. Understanding a partner's previous romantic relationships is frequently part of getting to know them.

But there's a difference between comprehending and being made to endure snarky remarks from a vengeful ex.

Although maintaining nice contact with an ex-spouse is understandable, partners frequently disregard how their partner feels. Exes, however, add an extra layer of instability to the plot, and viewers are interested to see who else might bring an ex on upcoming 90-Day Fiancé episodes.

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