All about 'Criminal Minds: Evolution', the shocking loss of David Ross, Garcia's romance and more

All about 'Criminal Minds: Evolution', the shocking loss of David Ross, Garcia's romance and more

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Although Criminal Minds ended three years ago, not much has changed between the BAU. When the show starts, Garcia has already begun her new life and is living her dream life. Thrived through the pandemic on her own and now is living a life filled with less tragedy. Sadly it's on for a limited amount of them until Alvez knocks on her door.

Garcia lives her best life

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So if you think they had a fling, let us clear that he proposed to her during the pandemic. It was three years ago, and now they are living a hard life as frenemies.
Although the flirting will go on in the show Criminal Minds: Evolution, Vangsness states.

"I find the rollercoaster of being satisfied and dissatisfied very satisfying.You get to see our evolution of our deep disdain for each other grow into a deeper disdain. During the pandemic, we got closer as people — by the end, we were having double dates with our partners!" she adds.

This season features more about Garcia. The bond between the two is unbreakable. Vangsness says. Only some people are kind and good at the BAU in Criminal Minds: Evolution.

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David Rossi is in a dark space, and it's been a year since his wife Krystall's death

I was shocked at first when I read it," Mantegna adds when he read the script and storyline of Ross in Criminal Minds: Evolution. "I'm very amused by this cartoon. It's a two-frame, and it's a caveman looking up and saying, 'Oh God, why do you do this to me?' God says, 'Why not?' To me, that's what life's all about. You can't orchestrate what happens to you in life, and you get knocked down — what will you do? Are you going to lay there, or will you get up? So that's where we find Rossi. He has a decision to make here. Things happen to good people and bad people. There's no accounting for it."

The time when the audience sees Rossi is letting go of the fear and his wife's memory. Mantegna says the first episode scared her.
The character will get back again. Joe is betting, Dave. It is a tough time, like the title, a period of evolution for him. It is indeed going to change the storyline of Criminal Minds: Evolution.

To conclude

So the comeback of Criminal Minds: Evolution comes with many storylines for every character, and it will be fun to witness the evolution of different characters.

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