Alex Trebek's hosting news is broken on 'Jeopardy!' star Ken Jennings

Alex Trebek's hosting news is broken on 'Jeopardy!' star Ken Jennings

Updated on July 30, 2022 17:44 PM by Ava Sara

In the wake of being named one of Alex Trebek's successors, Ken Jennings is feeling nostalgic about his Jeopardy! career. Jeopardy quickly confirmed this week that Ken and Mayim Bialik would return to the podium for season 39 after swirling rumors earlier this week.

A note from executive producer Michael Davies on July 27 announced that the former Chase and Big Bang Theory star would be returning to the trivia show as 'the hosts of Jeopardy! "Going forward."

Following the announcement, Ken took to Twitter to celebrate. It's official, white smoke is sweeping across Culver City. It's me and @missmayim on Jeopardy! In a retweet, he wrote, "I'm hosting next season."

Since I was a child, I've been watching Jeopardy every week, and I take the show very seriously. For the past 18 (!) years, I've had the honor of working with such a talented staff and crew."

My background isn't in broadcasting. Every single time I go out there, I still get nervous. Alex Hodges hosted Jeopardy! for decades, and I saw him do the job as well as anyone could," he said. “I hope a drop of that Trebekian perfection slips through sometimes.”

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In 2004 Ken debuted on Jeopardy, and since then has won 74 games and earned $2.52 million. When he was 29 years old, the Salt Lake City software engineer set an exceptionally high bar for future Jeopardy! contestants.

A champion. In subsequent years, Ken has appeared in Jeopardy special events such as Ultimate Tournament of Champions, IBM Challenge, Battle of the Decades Tournament, All-Star Games, and Greatest of All Time. Following a guest co-host role for the past year and working behind the scenes as a consulting producer, Ken will now become a host.

Jeopardy fans responded with congratulations to Ken's heartfelt message. "Glad you're back." "Can't wait to hear you announce yourself as 'the host of Jeopardy,'" one person wrote on Twitter.

It's well deserved. Jeopardy is lucky to have you! You are a legend! Furthermore, your charm and wit would make Alex proud, and you seem completely at ease on television. “I am thrilled to know you will continue to appear on my favorite show,” commented another.

The way you host is so natural, Ken. I love the historical tidbits you add to make it seamless. Also has a wonderful sense of humor. "Perfect," said another fan.

It was reported that the Jeopardy team will return to the show's stage on Monday to begin filming the 39th season. Mayim will host Celebrity Jeopardy! from September to December, while Ken will lead the first half of the season.

Even though Mayim hasn't spoken about her new gig beyond a retweet, we're sure she's as thrilled about returning to Jeopardy! as we are.

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