After receiving criticism for her bad parenting, Audrey Roloff posted a picture of Bode biking without protective clothing

After receiving criticism for her bad parenting, Audrey Roloff posted a picture of Bode biking without protective clothing

Updated on August 05, 2022 00:38 AM by Emily Hazel

Bode was on a bike ride

According to the Little People, Big World alum, her two oldest children were going on one last "PJ bike ride." Audrey bid farewell to the family's $730K Oregon residence as they relocated within the state to their new, enormous $1.5M farm.

Audrey's family background

Her husband, Jeremy Roloff, is 32 years old. Matt and Amy Roloff's TLC show about their family's life debuted in 2006. On Wednesday, Audrey shared a sentimental reminiscence about her former residence on her Instagram Stories.

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A beautiful picture under the sky

On Wednesday, Audrey shared a sentimental reminiscence of her former residence on her Instagram Stories. Her two oldest children—the oldest of three—were getting ready. At the same time, the picture was taken, with the blue sky and suburban sprawl serving as the backdrop.

Audrey has 4kids along with Jeremy

She and Jeremy are the parents of Radley, a baby girl, Bode, 2, and Ember, 4, respectively.

While riding bicycles, Ember and Bode grinned. Her blonde daughter was dressed in a sweet pink dress that matched her bike.

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Bode is the youngest son

The younger Bode, also blonde, was dressed in little more than a pair of shoes and a helmet. Going to miss these early morning PJ bike rides around the neighborhood, which Audrey seemed to be attempting to explain by saying: "Gonna miss this jarring lack of protective wear, or wear at all."

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Despite leaving her franchise behind with her spouse, the mother-of-three has already drawn criticism from fans. Audrey recently shared pictures of enormous stacks of dirty clothing that she had not yet folded.

Audrey takes efforts on social media

With the caption "Also here is my present view from my post-bedtime lay down for a minute before cleaning up place," she made an effort to engage with her followers on Instagram.

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Only here to improve your outlook on life

However, given that she is a mother, critics called Audrey's house "filthy." They pleaded with her to clean it up before uploading it. Audrey also has been careless by not giving Protective gear to Bode.

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Fans criticized the disorganized slobs

That room is worrying me in Connecticut. They appear disorganized slobs. A commenter added not to pass judgment, but I don't see how that occurs. I was a stay-at-home mom. That was never how my house appeared.

A messed-out home

A construction truck, books, papers, and action figures were recently spilled across the floor beside the newborn boy. Now she is criticized for not giving protective gears to Bode during his biking.

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When Audrey recently hosted an NSFW party to lay the foundation for the new pricey property, she left her kids behind. This time she has been careless with Bode by not giving protective gears during biking.

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Redneck party

In a sea of party photos and videos she posted on Sunday, July 24, in honor of her belated 31st birthday, the TV-famous pair appeared in character for their "Redneck party."

Jeremy and Audrey look for the party

Jeremy wore a scarlet robe, and his wife was decked out in overalls, a John Deere trucker hat, and plenty of eyeliner. She also wore a red lip, pigtails for her hair, and fake smokes. They played the game "Waterballoon shootin'" and, it appeared, flip cups with a large group.

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Audrey's smoking was questioned

She felt compelled to explain the cigarettes after the first few party posts. I sincerely hope you are familiar with us to know the solution to this. She was questioned about her smoking on Instagram by a follower.

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Ironic statement

Then Audrey scrawled over a black window, "All cigarettes were props to complement our outfits," adding "#smokingkills."

Farm famine

When his father decided to retire, Jeremy initially wanted to take over the family farm. However, the plans fell through, so he bought one instead.

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The roofs and their farm

Zach Roloff, his twin brother, also submitted a bid. Still, Matt Roloff, the family patriarch, who is 60 years old, finally rejected it and chose to sell a 16-acre portion of the family's land instead.

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Audrey and Jeremy are already criticized

The "smoking" pictures also caught people off guard because Audrey and Jeremy live a rigorous Christian lifestyle and support conservative causes.

The couple is not together

Since the two couples aren't particularly close, sister Zach and his wife Tori were not present, and it appeared that neither were her children. In June 2020, Tori suggested that her youngest kid Lilah has yet met her cousin, Jeremy, and Audrey's son, Bode.

Out of State

Audrey slyly explained that they reside "out of state" in Washington.

While attending the same Little People of America conference together recently, father Matt and his other kid Zach appeared to avoid one another at all costs.

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