A recap of ‘Bold and Beautiful’- Finn takes a vow to make Sheila pay

A recap of ‘Bold and Beautiful’- Finn takes a vow to make Sheila pay

Updated on July 27, 2022 14:09 PM by Sally Harbor

The recap

Bold and Beautiful is a show that has been showered with all the love and support from its fans since the start. In the episode which aired on July 25, Finn Finnegan who is played by Tanner Novlan was seen losing patience.

Finn is losing his patience and cool because he is being held captive by his mother, Sheila Carter who is played by Kimberlin Brown. Now, Finn’s threat to her is taking the drama in a new direction.

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The tense atmosphere

Things have gone a little haywire between the mom and son duo Finn and Sheila of the show Bold and Beautiful. The episode aired on July 25 started with Finn trying to get out of his bed but his mother stopped him.

The son of the show gets enraged and shoots a threat at his mother saying that he will be going to his home to his wife and kids but before that he will make his mother pay for her crimes before he leaves.

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Finn presses Sheila against the wall and strangles her but Sheila on the other hand grabs a syringe and sedates her son, Finn. As soon as Finn goes to the dreamland under the working of the sedation in his body, the villainy mother questions him as to why he cannot let her love him.


Later in the episode, Mike Guthrie who is played by Ken Hanes enters and Sheila hurriedly asks him about where he has been. He then informs Sheila that he was under interrogation by Detective Baker played by Dan Martin, Ridge Forrester played by Thorsten Kaye, and Brooke Logan played by Katherine Kelly Lang.

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The foolish step

Sheila then scolds Mike for taking such a foolish step as she fears someone might have followed him here. But Mike assures her about the fact that no one followed him back up there but says that the interrogation rattled him.

Mike freaks out when he hears a Siren and warns Sheila that she cannot hold her son, Finn captive forever. While in the other room, Finn gets back to life from his sedation dose and hears Mike and Sheila arguing in the other room.

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Finn starts his acting when Mike checks on him and he pretends to sleep. Mike questions Sheila whether he sedated him to which she responds with a no which is a white lie.

Finn again freaks out when she says that Li Finnegan played by Naomi Matsuda is dead. Mike gets angry hearing the news and says that he won’t be there when the cop comes to the door. After he storms out in anger, Sheila checks on Finn who reminds her that he will make her pay for everything.

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Seafood shack

At the Seafood Shack, Wyatt and Liam Spencer played by Darin Brooks and Scott Clifton respectively meet up for dinner. Their conversation starts with Wyatt asking Liam how he and Hope played by Annika Noelle juggle raising their kids together to which Liam answers that it is not an easy job but they make it work and manage.

Wyatt then switches the topic over and brings it to Finn and Steffy Forrester. Liam tells him that Steffy into a clinic for therapy and lost her husband Finn, which put her into depression. The brother duo then talk about their dad Bill Spencer played by Don Diamont.

Wyatt reveals that he has noticed quite a bit of change in Bill and he seems more compassionate now. He also mentions his worry about his father feeling lonely in the big house.

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The next scene skips to Bill’s house as he brings Li a glass of water and asks her if she wants to eat anything. She remains silent and Bill assures her that he is a friend of hers who truly wants to help her out.

He then starts talking about his three sons and Li perks up at the word when he mentions his youngest child becoming a world-renowned doctor. Bill also suggests taking her to the hospital but she shakes her head.

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Dr. Jordan Armstrong

Later, Bill brings Li some juice and a sandwich. A knock at the door brings Dr. Jordan Armstrong, played by Vincent Irizarry who comes to check on Li. He notices cuts and abrasions on her and asks her how she got injured.

Li stays mum but flashbacks of her encounters with Sheila are played next. The doctor finishes his examination and tells Bill there are no physical injuries but notices a piece of glass in Li’s hair. The two men guess that she might have gotten into a car accident which has traumatized her. After the doctor leaves, Bill continues his series of questions to Li but gets the same silent response.

Mystery women-Li

Liam calls to check up on Bill and he informs him of the mystery woman Li that he found in the alley. Bill then asks Liam, Steffy, and Finn to which Li perks up.

Bill notices her change in response and hangs up on the call. He then goes to Li and tells her that if she reveals her son’s name to her he will help her in finding him.

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