90-Day Fiancé Fans React Wildly to Big Ed's New Tattoo

90-Day Fiancé Fans React Wildly to Big Ed's New Tattoo

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Big Ed Brown, 90 Day Fiancé franchise star, showed off his new "Taurus" tattoo

 Fans are more perplexed than impressed. The San Diego native made his television debut on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the fourth season of 90 Days, where he costarred with Rosemarie Vega but failed to win her heart. Big Ed Brown went back on 90 DayFiancé.The Single Life tried his luck with Liz Woods, the manager of his favorite restaurant. Although the pair experienced numerous breakups on the show, they eventually reconciled. Big Ed has drawn criticism for his odd childish behavior on social media. Fans of 90 Day Fiancé despise Ed for various reasons, one of which is his selfish nature. Viewers have seen him become fixated on his face in the past and sell merchandise featuring it everywhere. Fans didn't like tattoos at this age. Big Ed Brown followed Stephanie Matto, another 90 Day Fiancé star. While Ed has certainly made people laugh with his charisma and confidence, he has not been able to gain the kind of genuine respect that will matter in the long run. He made fart jars infused with his butt essence. Now his Taurus tattoo is the talk of the town. Ed recently posted a video of himself getting tattooed Later he displayed his Taurus tattoo. Although the bull illustration looked beautiful on the paper, Ed's chest in his most recent video didn't look very good. The well-known reality celebrity commented, "I got an ink bag," while displaying his scrunched-up tattoo. 

An ink bag is a sack of fluid that has accumulated over the tattooed skin

He claimed by his tattoo artist. Despite Ed's best efforts to wow his supporters, they made fun of him by saying things like, "Looks like a scar loaded with tar," "Damn, go get your money back, lol," and "Now I don't want to be a Taurus myself anymore."Numerous fans were sympathetic to 90 Day Fiancé actor Ed's tattoo You look fantastic, homie, said one Instagram user, while another cautioned, "Don't get a tattoo if you require numbing cream..." Even someone advised Ed to avoid scratching the tattoo if it becomes itchy.A few supporters also laughed at the scenario Most 90-Day Fiancé watchers don't think Ed is respectable. Still, they enjoy following his daily exploits because he's constantly up to something amusing. I bet the girls think you're a badass now, and I can't get their hands off of you, one of Ed's devoted followers wrote. The former photographer has amassed over 490K Instagram follower As a result of appearing on TV for two years in a row and filming four seasons with the franchise. As a result, anytime he puts something on social media, he receives a lot of feedback from others who enjoy tormenting him. Fans know that Big Ed enjoys attention, whether good or bad. 

Maybe for entertainment value alone, most of the 90 Day Fiancé admirers congregate on his social media. Ed's Taurus tattoo didn't go well with a few, while others sympathized.

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