7 Reasons Why Intramural Sports are Perfect for you!

7 Reasons Why Intramural Sports are Perfect for you!

Published on November 15, 2021 05:56 AM by Emily Hazel

Intramural sports are recreational sports organized within a particular institution, especially in an educational institution. It is different from varsity or intercollegiate sports, which are played between teams from different educational institutions. Generally, anyone who wants can join. Even though it takes time, which might get complicated, especially for busy college students, it is definitely worth the commitment.  Read on to know why!

Easy to fit into your routine!

When in college, it becomes difficult to get back to exercising and keeping fit. Busy schedules do not allow the luxury of fitting in a workout routine daily. With intramural sports, you can adjust your timings. The games are usually held at a set day and time every week.

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Keep stress at bay!

The sudden shift from school to college can be a bit challenging. The stress is piling up with classes, assignments, exams, extra-curricular; it's just way too much to take in! This is where a little bit of leisure and physical wellness comes in. You need to manage the work and fun. Intramural sports are an excellent approach to maintaining a healthy balance.

Play any sport you like!

Intramural sports offer you many sports to choose from. Be it football, basketball, or chess, or even arm wrestling! You have what you want. There will be guaranteed fun!

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 Make memories!

It's not only about your physical health. Intramural sports are an excellent method to meet new people. You can either form your own team with your pals or join an existing one. One thing is sure: you will create a lot of memories!

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Perks of having teammates!

We all want to go to the gym regularly, but only a few of us do. Working out alone in the gym allows you to set your schedule, which means you'll probably skip it more than once. What follows is guilt and false promises of doing it right from the following week. With a predetermined time set in your schedule for intramural sports and your teammates calling you to show up on time, you are practically forced not to miss it. Also, your teammates will always push you to get better.

Become a team captain!

Perhaps, you are born to lead a team? Well, intramural sports may be the best opportunity to check if you have leadership skills. Also, this adds to your resume! What a bonus!

For fun’s sake!

Everything in life does not come with a purpose. Sometimes it's just for fun. Taking a class for better grades, completing an assignment on time for better credits, or even working part-time to pay for school or make your ends meet, it can get tiresome to do things that have a specific goal. Intramural sports are the opposite of such things. There is no set purpose. You are joining a team just for fun. You are playing because you want to. Nobody will ask you to make a career out of it. And that's the best part about intramural sports!

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