1000-Lb. Sisters: Amy Slaton posts a sweet photo of her sons

1000-Lb. Sisters: Amy Slaton posts a sweet photo of her sons

Updated on July 25, 2022 14:36 PM by Emma Alice

Amy Slaton delivered her babies

Just a few months after undergoing gastric bypass surgery, the 1000-Lb. Sisters star got pregnant for the first time with baby Gage. She was in better shape but told to put off getting pregnant for a few years. She has delivered two Boys, Gage and Glenn.

Her doctor urged her to delay having more kids for a few years to avoid difficulties. Amy's doctor wanted to ensure she stayed on track because she still had weight to lose before achieving her goals.

Amy revealed she was expecting her second child at the beginning of the year. She reassured her followers that she was still progressing toward her objectives and losing weight throughout her pregnancy.

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Glenn entered on July 5

Michael and Amy welcomed their second son into the world on July 5. Glenn was their name, and Amy claims that Glenn's presence has completed a family. Amy returned to social media a few weeks after giving birth to post pictures of her baby son. Amy can't wait for her boys to be close.

In the photo she shared, Glenn is being held by Gage as they both relax on Amy's lap. Glenn is wrapped up and sound asleep, while Gage holds his little brother while grinning broadly for the camera.

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Amy captioned the picture of her boys

"Gage wanted to hold Glenn," Amy captioned her photo. Tonight, my heart feels full. Amy revealed that Glenn would be the couple's last child before he was born. Amy disclosed that she had her tubes tied after having a C-section to deliver Glenn. She claims she is content with her two boys and can't wait for them to grow up to be close.

Amy Slaton intends to keep shedding pounds

Amy acknowledged that she made mistakes in her quest for better health during her pregnancy. She claims, however, that she increased the number of fruits and vegetables in her diet and paid more attention to what she was consuming.

Amy wants to maintain the routine

Amy continued to lose weight despite being pregnant and seeing her doctor regularly. She's made it clear that she wants to maintain her weight loss and enhance her relationship with eating.

Amy is concerned about her health and wants to instill healthy food and exercise practices in her sons. Her objective is to provide her boys the knowledge about health and well-being that she did not receive as a youngster.

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