Florida – Five people Killed in Wrong-Way Crash; Driver Driver Charged With Vehicular Assassination

Florida – Five people Killed in Wrong-Way Crash; Driver Driver Charged With Vehicular Assassination

Published on August 23, 2022 22:26 PM by FactsWOW Team

A Florida man has been charged with five counts of vehicular homicide after authorities say he drove the wrong way on an expressway, causing a crash that killed five people in another vehicle.

Maiky Simeon, 30, is still hospitalized from injuries he sustained in the crash, Local 10 News reports. Law enforcement officials are monitoring him.

Authorities say that Simeon was driving eastbound in the westbound lane of the Palmetto Expressway near Miami. Around 4:30 am on Saturday, and his Infiniti crashed into a Honda sedan.

Troopers say that four women and one man were inside the Honda ranging from 18 to 25. He killed all five of them.

The Miami Herald reports that Simeon had not had a valid driver's license since 2014 when he was arrested for driving 109 miles per hour. The report confirms that his Florida license was revoked and has not been reinstated.

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A bond has not been set for Simeon. He has not yet entered a plea, and it is unclear whether he has an attorney authorized to speak on his behalf. While authorities pursue charges against Simeon, the victims' families mourn the loss of five young adults.

Briana Pacalagua Graduate Of Felix Varela High School

Briana Pacalagua, a recent Felix Varela High School graduate, was driving the Honda at the time of the crash.

I wish I had told her I loved her more often. I wish I had hugged her more, her sister, Kiara Pacalagua, told NBC Miami. She was a hard worker. She was always supportive of everything I wanted to do. She echoed those sentiments on a fundraising page.

My sister was a kind, lovely, amazing, sweet, caring, and happy person, her younger sister wrote on the GoFundMe. Many people loved her; she always had a smile on her face even when times were rough, and she'll put a smile on everyone's face that surrounded her.

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Daniela Marcano

Marcano had just celebrated her 19th birthday a few weeks ago. Every one of us has a bunch of good memories with her, and we will cherish those moments as if it was today, her family friend Mariana Rave writes on a GoFundMe.

She had many goals and dreams that now she won't be able to achieve. We still can't believe what happened. She was young, and now she's gone. We all miss you, Dani. Fly high, our angel.

Music Lover Valeria Pena

A music lover with a bubbly sense of humor, Peña was known for being a loyal friend.

I saw how you were formed from your mother's womb," family friend Ysmalia Urbaez wrote on Instagram, according to the Miami Herald. I went to your birth and saw every growth in your life and do not understand the whys of fate; you will remain present in my mind and heart, beautiful heavenly princess.

Another family friend wrote on her GoFundMe page that the group of friends lost their lives due to a tragic accident caused by the irresponsibility of a driver going the wrong way. The void that these souls are going to leave on their loved ones is going to be huge. None of them deserved this.

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Valeria Caceres

Cáceres hoped to become a photographer someday and wanted to travel the world. On the night of August 20th at 4:30 am, my little sister was taken from our hands by a reckless driver, her family wrote on her GoFundMe page.

Giancarlo Arias, Self-Taught Artist

A self-taught artist, Arias had been accepted to New York University. He had received a scholarship, which is why the group celebrated that night. Arias maintained an Instagram account that showcased his work.

According to the Miami Herald, they had showcased his work in the Student Art Exhibit at The Dalí in St. Petersburg. The paper reported that he also won four Gold Keys, a top honor in the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards.

Gian, I never got to tell you how proud I was of you, a former art teacher wrote on Instagram. You were such a talented role model and a beautiful soul. In my 21 years of teaching, this is the first time I've ever felt such a loss.

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