What was Dakota Johnson’s cameo performance in 'The Office' final season

What was Dakota Johnson’s cameo performance in 'The Office' final season

Updated on July 01, 2022 17:09 PM by Dhinesh

The most popular and beloved show, ‘The Office,' still gets more enormous viewers, even though the show ended almost a decade ago. The final episode also returned the main protagonist Michael Scott played by Steve Carell, who left the show in season 7. Dakota Johnson is mainly known for the fifty shades franchise while she was 23 years old. She described the experience in this franchise as 'psychotic.' Her memorable roles are a precocious dancing student in Luca Guadagninos’ “Suspiria” remake or Ralph Fiennes’ maybe-daughter in “A Bigger Splash.” Of course, Anastasia Steele in the “Fifty Shades Of Grey” franchise. Her first role as an adult was a Stanford one-night stand for Justin Timberlakes’ Sean Parker in “The Social Network.” In the two-part finale of 'The Office,' she plays a woman named her real name, Dakota, replacing Kevin Malone in the accounting department, played by Brian Baumgartners,’ who was fired from Dunder Mifflin.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, she broke down her time on 'The Office' location for the finale and how despite being in the final shows for just a few minutes, she ended up in a place much longer than anyone anticipated. “I somehow got a chance in the show's finale because I admired and wished to be a part of the team," she mentioned during the interview. My performance was like three minutes, but I spent two weeks on that set. I felt like I was crashing someone's birthday party when they didn't mean to invite me, and then I was stuck there. Dakota Johnson felt like the odd one night during the finale’s shooting, but there were some silver linings. I meet Rainn Wilson, and now I always run into him on planes. Catch Dakota Johnson in “Persuasion,” premiering on Netflix on July 15.

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