Watching Christmas movies makes us happy! Is this true?

Watching Christmas movies makes us happy! Is this true?

Updated on November 25, 2022 16:51 PM by Anthony Christian

Christmas is approaching fast, as there are only countdown days. Based on the 2003 Christmas classic Elf movie every night, these films are proven to help people be healthier and live longer. Christmas movies release a feel-good hormone. It produces levels of happiness and also reduces stress and anxiety. 

Some of the Christmas movies provide positivity and great inspiration. Christmas movies are often shown in elementary school to provide children with wholesome content. This is proven; your friend feels closer after watching a good Christmas classic due to focus on family and close bonds.

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She says I started watching Halloween this year. The Merry Liddle Christmas series featured Kelly Rowland and is my favourite movie after A Diva's Christmas Carol. I used to be a traditionalist in the Christmas movies after Thanksgiving kind of way, but it is safe to say the pandemic broke me. 

Courtney Cope, the licensed marriage and family therapist and senior manager of clinical operations at BetterHelp, says, 'Holiday movies make us happy for the same reason that watching the favourite movie makes us happy, the ritual, routine and familiarity. ‘For humans watching the Christmas movies every year gives a sense of order and calm to an unpredictable world.'

Amygdala is the fear centre of our brain, and its part of the brain that is connected to emotional awareness, pain management and anticipating future outcomes, that keep us safe and gets to enjoy suspending reality for a couple of hours when we know everything is fine. This is during the stressful time of the year.

Christmas Movies

Most Christmas movies are written and designed to make folks feel good. They appeal to your heart's secret desires to find love to the right a past wrong with someone. By watching Christmas movies, the brain releases dopamine associated with pleasure and rewards in our brains. For many people, a condition called Pavlovian happens when watching holiday movies as an adult that reminds them of the same feeling they had when they watched them as children. 

In the holiday movies, it activates the part of our brain known as the limbic system that is closely tied to memories and has early attachment experiences. By watching Christmas movies, brains feel a sense of relaxation and connection to our happiest memories. 
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