Warning! ' America's Trump Problem' A guest essay for The New York Times

Warning! ' America's Trump Problem' A guest essay for The New York Times

Updated on August 23, 2022 11:34 AM by Anthony Christian

Substack writer Damon Linker told the New York Times in an essay published Sunday that imprisoning Trump would be the worst option to deal with "America's Trump Problem." Linker's analysis of the consequences of the FBI raid at Trump's Mar-a-Lago residence has been discussed from several angles.

Trump himself has also been a source of controversy because of the raid. In Linker's opinion, Democrats "anticipate fulfilling a dream dating back to Trump's earliest days: watching him get frogmarched to jail." "But that's a fantasy. No scenario follows from the present that leads to a happy ending for anyone, even Democrats."

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The worst situation has raised

As he argued, the prosecution of the former president would cause a lot of division and be viewed by many as an attempt to gain control, regardless of the legal merits.

The current Republican presidential nominee in 2024, the former occupant of the White House, and the Republican Party's apparent leader would be tried by a Democratic administration. According to Linker, this would set a very dangerous precedent.

"Imagine" that whenever the presidency changes hands between political parties, the new administration's Justice Department investigates and perhaps indicts its predecessor.

"Mr. Trump has learned that becoming president will effectively immunize him from prosecution, making him wonder whether he will be prosecuted for the crimes he has been accused of." Accordingly, the country is facing a potential second term for Mr. Trump in which he is convinced he can do whatever he wants without fear of prosecution."

The worst outcome, Linker warned, would be a complete national divide based on distrust of institutions, noting, "If Mr. Trump is indicted and tried," he said.

Republicans would continue to make arguments like what we've heard throughout his administration daily. The president's defenders argue that anyone who appears to care about upholding the rule of law is motivated by rank partisanship and an insatiable desire for self-aggrandizement.

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Trump’s presidency period

According to him, this loss of faith in institutions is directed at the attorney general, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Justice Department, and other branches of the deep state.

By showing that appeals to the law are always a sham, the spectacle would be detrimental to Republican voters." According to him, even if convicted, Trump would be politically dangerous in a new way even if he ran for president from jail.

Taking on the powerful and seeking to take them down in the people's name would be the tale of Trump versus the System.

During Trump's presidency, Linker reminded readers of some of the excesses of the opposition. "Think of all those times when well-meaning sources inside or outside the Trump administration inflated threats and overpromised evidence of wrongdoing and criminality during the Trump presidency that undermined their credibility."

"That's why it's imperative we set aside Plan A, where we pursue a lesser evil scenario that is still a gamble for Democrats," Linker wrote, despite suggesting there is no perfect solution. To replace it, we must embrace a Plan B that defers the dream of a post-presidential perp walk and allows the political process to proceed."

Democrats will have no choice but to defeat Donald Trump again if he serves as the GOP's nominee in 2024, hopefully with even greater margins.

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