Trump Disappoints with WaPo Report Spells On Liz Cheney

Trump Disappoints with WaPo Report Spells On Liz Cheney

Published on November 24, 2022 17:13 PM by Andrew Koschiev

The Former U.S. President of, Donald Trump, spelled out at R-Wyo (Rep. Liz Cheney) on a recent Post piece of Washington held at the U.S. Capitol. Liz Cheney holds the position of vice chairwoman of the House, investigating the report of January 6, 2021.

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Committee staff members are disturbed by focusing too much on Trump for the unreleased final report of the panel. It is revealed that the committee is knuckled down to conclude its long-running January 6 statement with a more anticipated report through its findings. 

It disillusioned and made angry the staff feel that the draft report was devoted to the former president. On a social media of Truth, Donald Trump mocks a headline that states, ‘ January 6 piece staffs angry on Liz Cheney as she focuses too much on the report of Trump.’ 

On Truth Social, Trump added, ‘this is the headline mentioned in the Washington Post, and the folks familiar with Cheney are not so surprised as she is PSYCHO, unaware of what is happening. So, Trump was annoyed with the public of the ‘Great State of Wyoming’ that they had given her a chance to work on the report.

Furthermore, Donald Trump addresses, ‘Cheney lost in her state of the Republican primary. He added she has to blame herself instead of blaming me. One of a spokesperson hit back at Cheney by stating the outcome done by her is warranting good aftermaths, involved in the January 6 riot. 

He recommends that there are some criticisms as a few staff submitted material was set aside, reads by the report. The committee of January 6 voted for Trump to issue the formal summons in 19 wide areas of inquiry to touch the testimony of the former U.S. president. 

In brief, the panel lawmakers penned down to Donald Trump by stating, “you were first at the prominent center to obstruct and overturn the pacific transfer of power, which ultimately contributed to a deadly attack on our Capitol and the Congress party itself.  

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