Tom Cruise ‘was so all into’ the skydiving advice Kate Hudson called him for

Tom Cruise ‘was so all into’ the skydiving advice Kate Hudson called him for

Published on December 14, 2022 01:03 AM by Anthony Christian

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When Kate Hudson had questions about skydiving, she knew who to contact.

The actress from The Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery revealed to Glen Powell during their Variety "Actors on Actors" discussion that she had called Tom Cruise, who costarred with Powell in Top Gun: Maverick, to seek him for advice on flying. Ryder, Hudson's son, who is 18 years old, brought up the topic when he expressed interest in doing it.

"Recent desires of my son to jump. I was also unsure about what to do with myself. He's 18. I thought, "I should call Tom." And Tom was really into it "She spoke.

Hudson, 43, said, "I asked, "Who should I call, please?" I want [Ryder] to avoid visiting a strange location. Tom was ecstatic, too. I was ready to go solo after this phone call. He had persuaded me that skydiving was amazing in some way. And you collaborated with Tom; today, you work as a pilot. Did he talk to you about flying and how important it is?"

Cruise, 60, has an "infectious" passion for flying, according to Powell, 34.

"The Blue Angels were painted on my wall as a child. I've always had a passion for flying. Tom's passion for flying, though, is the most contagious thing "says he. "He'll fly his vintage World War II P-51 on the set. He can persuade you that anything is possible in that reality-distortion environment. Every day, he arrives at work acting as though it is his first day."

During 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show in February 2020, Hudson related the tale of how Cruise epically stormed her party.

She claimed that when their parents, Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, weren't around, she and her brother Oliver Hudson would host extravagant parties, and one of those parties went a little too far when hundreds of people showed up. To control the situation, "control freak," Kate took on the bouncer role.

"I'm watching the entrance to the party to make sure anyone who isn't meant to be there is entering. At my parents' home, there are approximately 400 people, "Hudson remembered. 

"At my parent's place, I notice someone physically scaling an eight-foot gate I start to feel a little frightened. I'm going to holler at this person when they come off, perform a backflip, and pose, and it's Tom Cruise."

She claimed that although the actor wasn't invited, he stopped because he "heard there was a party" and that she went over to welcome him.

The host, Ellen DeGeneres, remarked, "So that's how he gets around - he just scales stuff." Kate retorted: "Yes! Mission: Impossible is him! It's crazy."

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