The ongoing dispute between Youngboy and Bobby Shmurda seems to continue

The ongoing dispute between Youngboy and Bobby Shmurda seems to continue

Updated on November 29, 2022 12:06 PM by Ella Bina

The Instagram Battle

Youngboy, through his Instagram tagged Shmurda in an Instagram story as he wrote, "von Shmurda, you better stop the violence. I thought you were a fan, and don't lie. Make a hit. I just want to be friends."

 It was followed by another post in which he referred to Shmurda as a slave.

Youngboy wrote, "Well taking violent. Help me keep the peace or stay far away, slave."

Youngboy was writing this to answer Bobby Shmurda's video, saying he doesn't want to hear anyone brag about his friends.

Shmurda later said the message wasn't for Youngbiy in the first place.

Youngboy posted a video of Bobby Shmurda and Rowdy Rebel

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Rowdy had appeared on My expert opinion. He spoke about King Von's death which wasn't needed.

Hence the Lonely Child Rapper called the two rappers "Irrevelant." He said people like him keep them going.

"I ain't doin' no fallin' around this b**ch n***a. This flunk-a** n***a want another n***a to jump out the truck and pump-fake and then get shot in his face? Man, you sound stupid as a f**k, man. You n****s dumb, bro."

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Youngboy said he doesn't want any feud with Shmurda or Rowdy

He asked them to stop the violence. But in other videos, he plunged as he said Shmurda couldn't rap, and his career went downhill when he went to jail.

Later Bobby went live for a one-to-one conversation with YoungBoy. Bobby even said he would "boom Wack 100" when he sees Youngboy again.

Bobby believes the banter with Youngboy is a plot to put him behind bars.

After Bobby's life ended, Youngboy posted a video claiming the Hot Boy Rapper was doped up. Youngboy said he would help Shmurda to stop the violence and picked on for saying "Wack 100."

Bobby said his police officer was still talking to him. He wants no problem whatsoever. He claimed this online banter with Youngboy was a plot to put him behind bars. He then called the Rapper 
one of the biggest slaves" in the music industry.

Youngboy shared a screenshot where he blocked Bobby mid-conversation. Youngboy says he wants to end the friendship with Bobby. Later even Bobby shared a screenshot of their conversation and called him "feds."

Youngboy is yet to respond to Bobby for his apology

To Conclude

The fight between the rapper Youngboy and Bobby Shmurda is on.

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