The legal team of R. Kelley claims he has been unfairly targeted, citing Elvis Presley dating a 14-year-old

The legal team of R. Kelley claims he has been unfairly targeted, citing Elvis Presley dating a 14-year-old

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According to R. Kelly's legal team, the government unfairly targeted him in his Chicago case. This sentence could be served for decades. The judge asked Jennifer Bonjean if Kelly could serve this sentence within his 30-year sentence in Chicago. It was his team's request for an 11-year reduced sentence that the judge granted.

The defendant was unjustly prosecuted

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In addition, the R&B artist's Chicago case may have been rolled into the New York racketeering case filed in 2021, according to his legal team. Bonjean claims that her client was unjustly prosecuted "piecemeal" by the federal government. Two weeks before the singer's sentencing date the request appeared two weeks before his sentencing date on February 23 for charges related to child pornography and criminal sexual activity with minors.

It is possible that Kelly, 56, will have to serve his 30-year sentence until his late 70s as officials determine whether to increase it. Kelly's trial in Chicago began soon after being sentenced in New York for exploitation, bribery, racketeering, and sex trafficking. As well as arguing the precedents set by other high-profile music-related cases, Kelly's legal team cited Elvis Presley as a good example. 

An individual in his late 20s who is damaged

At the age of 14, Priscilla started dating him. Additionally, Bonjean mentioned that similar accusations were received by David Bowie, Jerry Lee Lewis, and several other musicians without prosecution. Kelly's lawyer claims in a 34-page sentencing memo that society and prosecutors targeted him in particular. 

Additionally, she references Kelly's unique, unprecedented contempt for white counterparts who are similarly situated. According to Kelly, he was a damaged person in his late 20s who had endured a traumatic childhood and remained unaffected by it. Furthermore, he suffered assault from a family member and friend, gunshot wounds, and helplessly watched his childhood girlfriend drown.

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