The fight club's Courtney Love accuses Brad Pitt of getting her fired

The fight club's Courtney Love accuses Brad Pitt of getting her fired

Updated on December 30, 2022 18:48 PM by Dhinesh

We hear stories about actors getting kicked out of movies and shows. Courtney Love opened up about the same in the latest Fight Club film, where she was supposed to play Marla. It's true! Many do not know. Love was the first choice for Marla in the movie directed by Brad Pitt.

For those unfamiliar with Marla, she later played her in the 1999 cult classic, a cult classic with a huge fan following. However, in her recent appearance on the podcast, she made a shocking accusation against Pitt. Love has a daughter who is 30 years old and was married to Kurt Cobain until his death.

Fight Brad Pitt terminated the club

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According to Courtney Love in a new interview, she broke her silence about being fired by Brad Pitt from Fight Club. Speaking on the recent episode of WTF With Marc Maron, she revealed she went nuclear on Brad Pitt after her phone rang six times and director David Fincher announced that she had been axed from the cast.

In a conversation with Maron, Courtney Love said, "I get this phone call. I've been offered this role. The lawyers have contacted my lawyers. It's my role. We had all these tables reads. I've gone over it more privately with David. Edward gets home. He begins crying. David Fincher calls at six p.m. It's David Fincher – I knew it was going to be him. I don't let Brad play Kurt, so he fires me.

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Planned activities did not take place

The film was based on Kurt Cobain, her late husband, and director Gus Van Sant approached her about directing. But things did not go as planned when she refused to let Brad play the musician.

The actress revealed to Maron that when she was a teenager, she told Brad Pitt that she was unsure about trusting him or knowing that his movies were for profit. "I think they're good movies promoting social justice, but..." Love said she told Pitt. When you don't understand me, you don't get Kurt, and I do not feel that you do, Brad."

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